Top 10 Live Streaming Platforms commonly used

In the current market, there are many software that is commonly used by business owners or video production house to broadcast their events in real time and upload on these platforms online. Below is an introduction to the top 10 Live streaming platforms that are popular and commonly used for live streaming.

  1. IBM Cloud Video (formerly Ustream)
    Since the acquisition by IBM in 2016, IBM Cloud video is the upgraded version of the Ustream software that comes with a variety of live streaming and cloud video services such as online cloud storage and GPU computing. The core services for IBM Cloud video is known as Streaming Manager which is an online video platform that users can access it to manage, upload and deliver Live or on-demand video to the designated platforms online. Other key features included social playbacks feature, analytics feature, video player under HTML5 formats for all types of screens, video sharing platform for internal corporate communications and “eCDN” that is easily managed for fast delivery of the video content.
  2. Twitch
    A well-known live streaming platform for fast live streaming speed that also has an on-demand feature at the same time, this software allows the user to watch any videos directly from their media console or computer and is rated as one of the best interactive platform available for live streaming.
  3. YouTube Live
    One of the most popular social media platforms in the world, YouTube Live helps users to broadcast and upload their video content to the YouTube channel in real time. This interactive platform comes with analytics features and easy for online communication between the host and the online viewers. Other benefits included no additional efforts for post-production of the video, live chat feature and able to tune the video settings to be either on Live mode or On-demand mode.
  4. Facebook Live
    Started in April 2016, it is a live streaming service that users can broadcast audio and video contents from their mobile devices and upload to their Facebook News Feed. This opens up communication channels for users to interact and communicate with their viewers in real time which included the function to allow the user to receive live notification when they videos are uploaded in real time. This is also a free service offered by Facebook with no hidden charges.
  5. Periscope
    A popular live streaming application that is already integrated to Twitter, this software is well-known for the intuitive, user-friendly interface and has a lot of features to allow users to receive instant notifications from followers or comments. The user is able to set the live video with replay functions continuously for 24 hours so the viewers can view the video at a later time. The broadcast videos can target online audience as well as those on Twitter and the best part is that user can delete any old videos any time of the day if desired. Like Younow and IRIS, this software is also free of charge to users.
  6. Younow
    Similar to IRIS, Younow is a live social TV platform that allows users to broadcast their videos directly from their mobile phones or webcams in real time. This software is also free of charge and users can easily use this platform to chat online and promote the video content at the same time.
  7. IRIS (Bambuser)
    Its main feature is to allow users to upload and live stream their videos directly from their camcorders, cameras, computer’s webcam and even mobile phone or tablets. This software can even live stream the videos directly from some of the social media platforms such as Muspace, Twitter or Facebook. The key benefits are that it is a completely Free software with no charges and the user is able to integrate the online storage, geo-tagging functions and sharing buttons using this platform.
  8. Dacast
    It is a type of live video platform that adopts the complete SaaS approach, has a strong connectivity that runs 24 hours on the daily basis and is commonly used for large-scale events. Advantages of using this platform are that it offers a standard video streaming features that come with On-demand webcasting functions. Its interface are easy to use and has a lot of functions in the interface to navigate.
  9. Livestream
    A well-known live streaming platform that can easily accept video and audio inputs from smartphones, camcorders, webcams, and cameras. Livestream has many features of video tools and media players with sharing features and embedding options to connect to the targeted audience with ease. Other features included the ability to upload videos file from mobile or tablets to the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
  10. Brightcove
    It is a live streaming platform that is commonly used by business owners which is applicable to mobile and tablets web application. The benefits of using this software are that it has a video management tool with multiple video marketing options. This software also has a massive collection of video library that can be easily maintained online with the option of sharing the content via social media. User is able to access more than 100 playlists, templates and options to import video into this platform.