Why do Live Streaming for Corporate Events is better than Standard Townhall Meetings.

Town Hall Business Meeting is related to the company’s internal employee meeting which the broad of directors will discuss and relay their business strategies and agendas to their employees. During the meeting, employees or invited guests will have an opportunity to ask questions and engage with business executives directly.

Town Hall Business Meetings is usually held in large conference rooms or hotel ballrooms and begins with a corporate presentation and Q&A sessions. Town Hall meeting for business is also known as “All-Hands” meeting in some countries except for the fact that a Town Hall meeting is more based on the question and answer session while the ‘All-Hands” meetings are more focused on making a key presentation and convey the business message to its employees.

To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the town hall meetings or corporate purpose, many event hosts have started to use streaming as the digital format to broadcast for their town hall’s meeting. By doing so, they can easily engage and communicate with those employees who are not able to attend the meeting due to personal or work-related reasons.

To broadcast the Town Hall meeting using live broadcasting, the company will usually engage a video production company to host their meeting using video communications systems and equipment to broadcast not only in real time but across multiple time zones all at the same time. Depending on the requirements for the streaming, the cost may vary depending on the time duration, the physical size of the event venue and other special requirements requested by the client.

Using a reliable live video platform to live stream a town hall meeting as part of the corporate events not only increase the employee’s engagement with the company. It also provides convenience to employees who cannot attend the meeting physically but are able to view and participate in the meeting online by simply using their laptops, mobile phones or tablets to log in online, thus saving executives time from traveling around the world to their overseas branch to deliver the corporate message.

In short, live streaming and broadcasting town hall meetings are not only cost-effective and a convenient method to reach every employee all at the same time. It also helps the company’s employees to feel connected and engaged to the company directly.