How is Webinar Live Video done through Live Streaming

Although most of the time, video production house or professional videographers are responsible to create videos by live streaming a Webinar event in real time. It is important to know that the process is not so straightforward and usually involves a lot of planning, rehearsal and professional crew to handle the video equipment like cameras, laptops, cables and audio speakers. Thus, we will discuss how the webinar live video is done through live streaming in this article.

How to plan for a Live Video Webinar   

In the initial stage, the personal-in-charge will need to gather relevant information and have an agenda before planning on the programs of the event. While brainstorming on the content, it is vital to ensure that the participating customers whether they are physically in the event or watching the event online shall be the main focus of the event. By putting themselves in the customer’s point of view, the planner can plan on the topics of the event that will attract the customers in terms of product or service benefits for example and also how to get the best video shots so that the online audiences can enjoy the video in real time.

The next step is to create an outline for the show and to ensure that the planner and the production team are on the same page. This is followed by the finalization of the details, rehearsal for the show which is done outside the premise and finally a full tech and actual rehearsal in the actual event venue which is usually one to two days before the actual date of the event.

How to build an audience for the webinar event

The next step after creating the video content is to advertise the event online via the company’s website, email marketing, social media marketing or other methods to create awareness and invitation. For those who are invited to view the event, it will be good to have a follow-up email as a reminder just in case the invitees overlook and forgot about the event.

Setting up of the Live webinar equipment

Most of the time, the technical crew and the production team will have a detail list on the crew and equipment needed for the event, what to check and how to test the equipment to ensure the event goes smoothly on the actual date. For example, the technical crew need to ensure that the internet status and the power source is sufficient to support the equipment, the cables, and the power transformer are in good condition to avoid any power trip, the equipment such as the video cameras or the audio speakers and the laptops and servers for live streaming are all in good conditions. Most important, it is a must to have backup plans and equipment as a standby while live streaming the event as a precaution.