What is a webinar?

Nowadays webinar is an important online tool which many organizations have used it for communication and marketing purpose. In this article, we will discuss how the webinar works in the business world and the process involved during the event.

Although video chatting platforms like Skype and Facebook Live is common for individuals to communicate online, webinars are more ideal for professional events which the host need to do presentations to a larger audience. This means that the invited participant can use their mobile device or computers to attend and watch the event online.

By definition, a webinar is a live video conference that is web-based and uses the internet to connect the presenter that host the webinar to the targeted audience without any geographical restrictions as the viewers can view and listen to the event online. During the hosts will do a presentation or demonstration on the stage or invite guests from other locations to join and co-host the webinar together. Webinar also includes interactive features which the audience can participate in the Q&A sessions during the event.

Professionals who use webinars regularly often give business presentations in the form of lecture or seminar which is educational and this helps to promote their company’s products or services and create a better relationship with their audiences at the same time. Webinars are also used to conduct live interviews with other professionals which often attracts more viewers to watch the event via the webinar platform.

Depending on the services that the host use in the webinar platform, the invited participants may need to download the application first before they log in to the webinar platform to access the event. Viewers may also need to respond to the invitation email and reply via the email link to confirm the participation of the event especially on situations which the webinar has limited number of slots for the viewers. Usually, one hour before the event goes live, participants will receive reminder emails to log in to the webinar which they will either dial into the allotted webinar’s line or using the given ID and passwords to access to the event. For those participants who have to miss the event online due to personal reasons, they may request for a video copy of the event if the host has recorded the event in the first place.

Due to its benefits and the convenience provided by the webinar software, it’s no wonder that more and more companies are using webinar as the main tool to host any business or marketing events that can reach out to a larger audience base and increase revenue in a long run.