Webinars Getting Companies in Singapore ahead of Competition

When it comes to business marketing, the two main focus in the marketing strategy is either Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C). Webinars have played an important role as it helps to promote business communication between companies and introducing new products or services to the general consumers through live event webinars.

While companies that promote their products directly to consumers (B2C) only need to convince one or multiple individuals that their services and products deserve their attention. A successful marketing to another company (B2B) will demand more effort from the company to establish brand recognition and credibility in order to convince their business clients that purchasing their products or services is worth the value.

Although it is the fact that the return on investment (ROI) is often well worth the additional efforts. Especially in situations when the amount of profits that a company can earn from another company in terms of the bulk purchase far exceeds the consumer purchase in general.

Since the sales and marketing tactic for B2B is often far more complex and time-consuming than B2C, it is therefore important to the decision makers to implement an effective marketing plan that focuses on brand recognition and deliver effective results. One of the most efficient ways to do the promotion is to conduct live events that incorporate webinars into corporate online promotional initiatives.

Similar to B2C live events which the presenter or presenters will introduce their products/services to the audiences online and create a communication network which the participating audience can post questions or feedbacks online. B2B webinars are quite similar in the concept except with a slightly different agenda which the company who host the live event using webinar service creates an opportunity to target the specific audience by educating them on the benefits of their corporate offerings.

There are also other benefits in using webinar Live video streaming services for companies in promoting their brands, products or services or business conferencing.

The first advantage of using webinar service is that fact that it provides convenience to the invited participants as they can attend the live event online using their laptops or mobile devices without traveling to the actual location which can help to reduce any travel expense for the company.

Although companies will prefer to organize in-person meetings or appointments, sometimes it might be possible due to the time or budget constraints and also based on the fact that face-to-face engagements will have limited interactions between the presenter and the audience as compared to online engagement. Thus using webinars for the business events will eliminate any restrictions on the number of people the presenter can communicate during the live event as all they need is to use their laptops or mobile devices to log in and view the events at the appointed time regardless of their location.

By using the webinar services, the company who host the live events can promote their business not only to several organizations at the same time, webinars also allow the company to connect to different locations of the same branch simultaneously to streamline the decision-making process of purchasing to ensure that everyone will receive identical information within the same timeframe.

Webinar helps to enhance the engagement and participation of the attendee by creating specific questions and answer sessions which the presenter can pitch their products and create a dialogue session with the attendees in real time during the event. Which provides a better communication channel than using the standard marketing resources such as printed catalogs or emails to get the response from the potential customers or business clients.

Other advantages of using webinar service for the business event is that it helps to generate new leads and prospects during the event and also strengthen business partnerships at the same time. This is usually done by gathering the relevant information form the inviting guest when they sign up for the event online and offer exclusive rights or promotions for the current business clients to attend the event online. This in turn also helps to develop brand loyalty to the customers especially the fact that they can get instant information and assistance from the presenter during the webinar live event which is often appreciated by the customers as they know that they can easily access to the organization whenever they need the assistance.

Although many businesses have to claim industry authority over their competitors, few are able to sustain it to maintain their dominance in the market. By using the webinar service, the company can host as many webinars events as possible to discuss and share on the current trend of related industry topics and trends. This creates opportunities to connect and educate their target audience which will establish their company brand as the industry experts in the long run.

One unique feature that webinar can provide is the ability to showcase and demonstrates the company’s products or service to a larger range of audience in real time which has achieved a better sales results as compared to the traditional marketing methods of advertisements.

Last but not least, companies that use webinar services have the option to record the events and keep it for future use. Which in turn allows the company who hosts the business event earlier to connect and engage with other business clients or potential customers in the future without the need to regenerate new contents to promote the current products or services.