The future of Live Streaming Service

With the improvement of technology, watching video online has become part of our lifestyle for entertainment. While we spend an average of 50 to 100 hours every week watching videos via social media or other websites. Live streaming service is getting popular as more and more companies have recognized the potential and are willing to invest thousands or even millions of dollars to live stream their corporate or promotional events to gain brand awareness and people are also using their mobile phones to create videos for special events and share it with their friends and families.

This comes with the fact that people will tend to spend more time watching the live video than pre-recorded video, thus companies in the business and entertainment industry are using this technology to either advertise their products/services or increase their audience viewership. Not to mention the fact most if not all the videos that are live stream runs under 4K resolution that gives audiences better quality images and viewing experience.

Depending on the situation, companies that host live events will prefer to hire a video production house to be in charge of recording the event, live streaming the whole event and broadcast in the social media platform or the client’s website all at the same time. Although live streaming services create business opportunities and good profits for the service provider, it is also a challenging and daunting task for the video production crews as they need to ensure that live events are well coordinated and use the right equipment and software to broadcast the live event to their client’s website or to social media platforms such as YouTube or Facebook to allow the participants to view the videos and share their thoughts with other people simultaneously..

Another good use of the live streaming service will be Virtual Reality technology which is the next “Big” thing that applies in both video-making and gaming. Just the combination of VR and live streaming videos creates a perfect formula that will make the video content to be more engaging and brings the user’s experience to the near level of immense entertainment.

In conclusion, the future of live streaming services is an evolutionary process that goes hand in hand with the changing of technology. To maximize the benefits of live streaming services, businesses will need to adapt and go with the flow in the advances of technology in video marketing to gain a foothold in the market.