Live Webinar Video training vs traditional offline training

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There has been a long debate on which is better, a live seminar which the attendees can view the trainer online in their home while he or she is lecturing and discussing certain topics of interest or physically spending the time to travel and attend workshop or classroom for courses that is either work or academic related. To answer this question, we will need to look at the pro and cons of using live webinar video streaming courses versus offline training.

Live Webinar training courses or seminars are quite similar to the normal ones with only the difference which the lecturer or trainer will present their course materials using PowerPoint slides in the lecture hall or classroom while talking to the video camera at the same time and there is virtually no participants in the room.

Live Webinar is very convenient and useful as the invited participants only need to login to the specific website at the appointed time and ‘attend’ the webinar session in real time. Webinar online training can be very useful if conducted in a virtual classroom style as learning interaction can be achieved both ways. With online training courses, the timing and approach are more flexible as students can simply attend the lesson using their laptop regardless of any location and country as long as there is a stable internet connection. Trainers can also assist their students via emails or online chat systems as and when needed.

Offline training is also known as offline learning is basically courses that are conducted in the lecture hall or selected location depending on the agenda. The participants will need to travel to the training location and spend additional time to travel to and fro which sometimes can be tedious due to the traffic location. While the perks of attending the lesson personally are the fact that the attendees will pay more attention to the training and some may agree that it is much easier to retain the necessary skills and knowledge learned during the classroom as compared to the online webinar training.

To the business point of view, the cost to create online webinar video training or hiring industry experts and a venue to conduct training will depend on the scale of the seminar and number of participants invited. Yet it is fact that live webinar video training has become so popular that even academic schools have offered online courses that are conducted in webinar method to attract busy adults whom cannot afford the time to attend the lesson personally.