10 Popular types of Webinar Live Video

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A webinar is a form of web conference or presentation event that is presented in the online video format and is usually held online via the internet based on real time. Webinars are usually used for business or social that connects individuals who are participating in the group meeting without the need to attend the event physically.

Although the main reason for using live webinars is due to the ability to the ability to let people discuss, send and receive information in real time without the need to meet each other personally. There are other features available for the online participants such as polls, surveys, giving feedbacks or debating on the event’s topic while sitting comfortably in their home or office using their laptop and a headphone to communicate. Most webinar software will include additional features like the ability to download and watch presentations and videos, text chat during the event, digital board, multidirectional conference style and acting as the presenter using desktop sharing.

To learn more on the usefulness of using webinar especially for business and academic reasons, I have listed down the 10 most popular types of Webinar Live Video for your better understanding.

  1. Corporate training for employees – Most companies have preferred to use webinars to conduct product or skill training as the trainer can conduct presentations easily and interact with the trainees online. Without the need for both trainers and trainees to spend additional time to travel to a specific location for the staff training. The other advantage is that the training video can be download for future reference who allows co-workers to retrieve the necessary information as and when needed.
  2. eLearning – Similar to corporate training, eLearning is widely used and adopted by the academy that acts as a virtual classroom. This method is extremely popular for working adults who are studying part-time to upgrade themselves, without the need to travel long distance to the school but still able to learn and interact with the lecturer at the comfort of their home
  3. Online Product Demonstration – In this digital age, business can be easily transacted online via e-commerce platforms without the need for buyers to travel physically to view the product. Thus, it is necessary for the company’s sales team to create online product demonstration which can be upload to the company’s website after the presentation with the potential customer via webinar.
  4. New Customer Onboarding – It is the important part of the business process which the company need to ensure their customers are happy with their product or services, and one of the best way to host webinar session and invite these customers to participate so they can have a better understanding of the product and service they have purchased. Webinars are also useful as the company can evaluate the customer’s satisfaction level by conducting polls, surveys or feedbacks during the webinar.
  5. Corporate Communications – Webinars are widely used to conduct corporate conference or seminars which not only save time and money for the company, it is particularly useful for MNCs to use it for large events such as annual summit meetings where the president or CEO can communicate his or her message to all the employees on the global scale. Not to mention the ability to gather feedback from the employees using the webinar services.
  6. Lead generation – This type of webinars is used to collect valuable data from the participating audience by hosting a marketing or product event for presentation and gain contact information of the leads to follow up after the event and convert them to sales. Other than collecting information from the potential leads, companies that conduct the event can gain insights from the audience as further improve their products or services if necessary.
  7. Customer Retention – Nowadays, companies value the importance of customer retention not just for repeat sales but also to build a strong presence of brand loyalty in the long run. One of the best methods to do so is to host webinars and send an invitation to them. By doing so, customers can be constantly updated on important company announcement or new product/services update. This, in turn, create a unique opportunity to market its brand but also proved that your company stands out among the competitors.
  8. Reputation Management – One advantage of using webinars is that it can help the business to increase brand awareness in the market. By using webinars to create a strong bonding between the company and their customers, this not only helps to gain trust but also stay ahead of your competitors and establish a strong communication network to maintain its status quo and establish itself as the industry leader.
  9. Membership Association – For customers who are paying monthly or annually fee for the service and other benefits offered by your company. Webinars are useful to keep them informed of the latest updates on company policy, additional perks and so on. Not only webinars add value to the package but also can be used to generate more sales lead by encouraging the existing customers to refer their services to their friends or relatives to participate in the exclusive webinar event.
  10. Panelist Discussion – Last but not least, using webinars to set up a web conference which involves the panel discussion with a group of industry experts is a great method to show that your business is one of the industry leaders in the economy. During the webinar, a moderator or presenter will engage and asks the panelists about their opinions and working experiences on various industry topics related to their field. Usually, this type of panelist discussion that is host online will easily attract media attention from audiences who are interested in the topics discussed by industry experts. Making webinars a great way to promote branding for the company that hosts the event.