10 things you should know about IBM Cloud Video

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IBM cloud video (formerly known as Ustream) is a live video streaming and hosting services that specialize in creating video content in real time and broadcast it via the internet to online viewers using cloud technology. There are a few versions of IBM cloud video platforms that are available in the market such as.

  • IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager – It is a cloud-based platform that is primarily used to deliver live or on-demand video content to the targeted audiences online. This platform can be utilized for business or marketing purpose, such as new product launches or event streaming in real time.
  • IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager (enterprise level) – Another type of cloud-based platform meant for internal delivery of live and on-demand video which is commonly used for the internal purpose such as HR training session, product training for employees. One advantage of using this platform is that the live video content can be easily tracked and monitor based on the viewer’s access as the video content are confidential and meant for internal use only.
  • IBM Cloud Video Enterprise Content Delivery Network –  It is a cloud delivery virtual appliance that is hybrid in design. This technology technically allows the video content to scale at multiple locations by caching streams so as to reduce strain on the network and maintain the streaming speed and performance.

To have a better understanding, I have listed down the 10 things that people should know about IBM Cloud Video, the functionalities and how this service can help individuals or business to stream their video content to the target audience.

  1. IBM Cloud Video can easily deliver video contents to online audiences on the massive scale. This is achieved by using the software-defined content delivery network (CDN) which the online video will be delivered without any geographic restriction as the platform has a built-in backup process and intelligent traffic management to ensure the video content is delivered without any disruption.
  2. IBM Cloud Video offers the flexibility to deliver the live streaming video anywhere, anytime to any device that can view video and has active internet service. As the video content is upload and automatically transcoded in the cloud to deliver to virtually any device and has strong network support to reach and adapt to a range of connection speeds.
  3. With the ability to engage and measure the viewership statistics and content performance in real time, IBM Cloud Video offers the user the service to track real-time engagement which includes the geographic location and the type of device used by showing the full reports to track each and every registered individual.
  4. IBM Cloud video has the technology to secure the content delivery to the targeted viewers usually for corporate reasons. This is achieved by setting certain restriction and secure access to the confidential video assets and the IBM cloud platform can also integrate with the corporate directory systems and only enable access to users that are authorized to view the content online.
  5. IBM Cloud has strong security and privacy measures that allows companies to adapt and scale with ease by changing the business needs without compromising any security, risk levels or privacy while using the IBM cloud platforms to stream the live video.
  6. For corporate communications, IBM Cloud Video can assist companies by providing secure, video assets that are for the internal purpose that allows the administrator to track each and every individual viewership.
  7. When it comes to Live events, IBM Cloud video can assist the producers to stream the video content in HD quality and optimized for the purpose of streaming the content online and integrating to social media platform at the same time.
  8. When it comes to the marketing campaign, IBM Cloud technology has the necessary online tools to assist the marketers to introduce the campaigns, leads generation, launching of new products, training users online and sharing relevant news and information to the general public via video marketing.
  9. One unique feature that IBM Cloud Video can offer is the ability of multiscreen streaming that use the over-the-top (OTT) streaming video service to enhance the performance of video content delivery over the cloud, increase user viewing experience and give more insight using the analytics tool in the IBM Cloud platform.
  10. IBM Cloud Video has the comprehensive workflow and distribution matrix that can help business to fully utilize their video marketing campaign using multiscreen features to handle the logistics management and logistics distribution to create an efficient and effective business model.