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Nowadays corporations are depending on the technology of live streaming to broadcast matters like broad conference meetings, corporate or public announcements, employee training, new product demos, and press release. Which most if not all will hire a live streaming company to assist them. Market research also shows that people prefer to watch videos than reading article.

This simply means that technology has taken over the art of business communication based on the fact that people can use their smartphones to view live streaming video and even using it to communicate via blogging or social media posts during the live streaming session. Since companies hosting live events have more options to broadcast their events and the audience can view with media devices using social media platforms or other websites instead of relying on the television set. This technological advancement provides a huge opportunity for companies to reach a huge audience base on a global scale, improving brand exposure and boosting sales revenue in return.

In short, Live streaming is actually a technology that is used to deliver video content to computers and other mobile devices via the internet that used cameras, webcams, and even smartphones to shoot and capture a live feed to upload to a workstation. Which the workstation, in turn, will mix and encodes the video signal using a software or hardware system and transmit the live feed to an online platform to allow the viewers to watch the video content in actual time.

Many businesses will depend on the live streaming companies or studio house to live stream their events as this companies have the necessary equipment, skill set and experience to handle large-scale indoor or outdoor corporate events to plan and live stream the video content to different platforms according to their client’s requirement.

The main reason on why live streaming services are highly sought after by companies in Singapore and other countries for business and marketing reasons is the fact that consumers prefer to buy from brands they trust, which they usually associate and deem the trustworthiness of this band based on the quality level and excellent service provided to them. Thus, one of the best way to build and earn trust with the audience is by creating live video that not only showcase the transparency of a company but also serve as a marketing tactic to create better brand awareness Especially to younger generation of the audience who are very savvy in using mobile devices and using social media as part of their daily lifestyle.