Live Streaming Service Singapore

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We offer professional streaming services from a single professional camera to multiple cameras in both Full HD and 4k UHD also known as 4k Live Streaming.

There are several types of Live Streaming for businesses which includes

  1. Product deputation live streaming
  2. Live talk shows/ interactive talk shows
  3. Auctions and events
  4. Meetings and collaborations
  5. Internal training and unbearding
  6. Announcements and town halls
  7. Customer testimonials

Whichever business stream service you are looking at, our streaming services are done by a professional team who is experienced in and can give you the result you have dreamt off and never achieved with other live streaming company before.

Why Engage Professionals Streamers and not DIY?

Reasons are simple, your hands are not that trained as compared to our professionals who can have a steady hand, our cameras and types of equipment will ensure high audio quality and consistent 4G LTE network and bandwidth. Never use a smartphone even though you have it on 4G as you do not want your streaming to be interrupted when a phone call comes in.

To keep the network stable, we use which leverages the 4 biggest internet providers in Singapore to ensure a single steady connection with multiple connections at one time. So we will be able to steam without any network interference for the perfect Video production.

 At Live Streaming SingaporeWe ensure conversions and prospectus convert when they see your videos. In the past , participants need to be physically present at the event in order to participate but now this has changed and live streaming has helped convert many customers across the globe like live auctions streaming.

Regardless of the location of the viewer, with Live streaming, you can have the full capability to broadcast to the world.  We can stream your live feeds to several Content Delivery Network such as Facebook live, Instagram lives, Bigo Live, YouTube, Twitter all at the same time. So wonderful right.

We are also able to provide the edge over your competition by having a Private live streaming channel set up in specific countries like Japan, China, Fiji, Africa, United States.

Live Streaming Video offers much greater opportunities for business to reach across the globe, connection with the audience Video on Demand (VOD).

Other Common terms used for Live Streaming includes Live Broadcasting and Live Webcast.

Live Streaming Studio in Singapore

Video on Demand (VOD)

Video On Demand (VOD in short) is a programming system that allows subscribers to rent movies or to watch videos at home instead of the traditional method to rent the movie CDs at the DVD shop. Viewers can either watch the programs in real time or download and view them later. The subscriber can also use the remote control to pause, rewind or fast-forward these videos with their remote control. In Singapore, this service is usually provided by Telco Company which the function is available in the TV set-top box. Alternatively, viewers can use watch VODs programs using their laptops or smart devices if they subscribe to popular channels like Netflix online or downloads VOD apps on their mobile phone. In the beginning, Video On Demand takes a long time to download the video due to the lack of available network bandwidth. Although VOD can function well over a vast geographic region or using the satellite-based network as long as the subscriber’s demand for the program is modest. But if there are a huge number of consumers demanding multiple programs continuously within the particular time period, the huge amount of data that is involved in terms of megabytes or even gigabytes can easily overwhelm network resources and even cause the servers to crash. Technology experts have mitigated this issue by storing the programs via multiple servers that are distributed geographically to provide programs to local viewers on demand. This method greatly increases the availability of the programming 24/7, overall stability and reliability of the system as compared with the use of a single gigantic repository. The VOD system also allows the local providers to maintain their systems and set up billing structures using software that is independent of each other. A good example of such applications is known as Asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) switching technology. Which works especially well in this application. The concept of Video On Demand is actually not new as the service is first launched in Hong Kong during the early 1990s which are followed by the USA at the beginning of the year 2000. Now VOD is a popular service that is provided by telco, cable or internet service providers across the world. Besides programs for entertainment purpose in the subscriber’s home, VOD is also common in luxury hotels or educational institutions for academic purpose and also used to enhance presentations in videoconference environments.