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According to Merriam-Webster dictionary online, a webinar is “a live online educational presentation during which participating viewers can submit questions and comments”.

In simple terms, it is a seminar on the web, accessible by anyone with internet access, who has registered to “attend” (in most cases).

Given the grave situation the world is in, due to the outbreak of the deadly “2019-novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)”, many countries have issued travel advisories or outright bans, in attempts to curb the spread of the virus. With several airlines cancelling flights, from and to, certain destinations, it seems only logical and pragmatic to utilize technology at this juncture.

Business travellers would not need to be stranded at the airports, as they just have to register for the webinar live streaming of their choice, online, and voila – when the time comes, they just log in and enjoy the webinar from the comfort, privacy and safety of their own home or office.

Why webinars? The following are key advantages:

  1. Save time and money
  2. Reach a larger audience
  3. Data collection and analytics (Big Data)

Without having the need to travel to a physical destination, business travellers immediately save money, and precious time, which could be better utilized and optimized for critical business needs. In this case, time saved could be reinvested into one’s self or one’s family.

Businesses and content creators are better able to reach out and communicate with their target audience, remotely, no matter the distance. This grants businesses access to customers never-before seen or heard (new emerging markets, for example).

With thanks to information technology, and the latest communication technology, we now have the greater ability to gather large volumes of data. More importantly, we have access to greater computing power to analyse all that data and crunch numbers that could help in determining market strategies for one’s business.

A quick online search reveals that most business professionals prefer to attend about an hour of a webinar, and prefer to register for one closer to date, or even on the actual day of the webinar.

Such data helps in determining the optimal schedule of a webinar to achieve maximum customer participation and interaction.

Webinars also allow for live Q&A sessions, where participants can seek answers to their queries, post-event. This ensures a certain level of interaction, thus keeping the webinar lively and interesting.

In the current age of social media influencers who are young, proficient with the latest audio-video equipment and content acquisition processes, it would make perfect sense to hire a professional company to deal with the whole webinar production and delivery, in order to achieve maximum impact.

Equipped with the latest 4K, broadcast studio-grade camera and equipment, Spring Forest Studio would be the perfect professional outfit for any organization wanting to capitalize on the latest in webinar production.

Armed with its own video mixer server, and big-name cloud video service provider, Spring Forest Studio is well-positioned to tell your story and broadcast it to the entire World Wide Web (including China).

Given the multiple benefits a webinar provides, especially during such tumultuous times, it is a no-brainer – just leave it in the good hands of the professionals to get the job done right!