3D Virtual Studio Set Productions trending in 2021 and why you should take advantage of it.

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3D Virtual Studio Set Productions trending in 2021 and why you should take advantage of i

With the improvement of technology in this digital era, we are quite accustomed to visual entertainment in 3D effects, CGI (Computer-generated imagery) effects, and Virtual reality. As we often view it in social media, video games, and other online entertainments.

While the 3D concept is not new, not many people are familiar with back-end production that created these effects unless you are involved in the production yourself. To know more in-depth, you can welcome to refer to one of my articles to get a better understanding of the technical aspects of 3D Virtual studio production.

So in this article, I will explain more on the global market trending and also the benefits of using 3D Virtual studio set for your business branding.

If you watch news broadcasting on a regular basis, you will notice that there are often CGI graphics in 3D format that will be displayed in the news which the broadcaster will explain in great detail. This in comparison with the weather report is a vast improvement in terms of technology effects.

Since the main purpose of using the virtual studio is to allow the participants aka the event host to merge with the computer-generated objects or environments in real-time. it often creates an interesting and great virtual experience for online viewers with occasionally surprise as people can often see unexpected effects that come from the creation of the producers and graphic specialist that brings 3D effects to real-life events.

Besides news broadcasts, movies or variety shows, most companies around the world have start to realise the potential benefits of using 3D Virtual studio for their live streaming events as it often creates a “Wow” that can easily impress their clients and stands out among their competitors. Even though it is usually more costly to invest in live streaming events that use 3D Virtual Studio set as the platform. Most business owners will agree that the end results are definitely worth the time and money investment.

Especially in this COVID-19 situation where more companies are using online platforms for their business meetings or live streaming events instead of traditional outdoor tradeshows or hotel conferences as international travel is still restricted around the globe since 2020.

Nowadays, there are also more and more professional video agencies in the market that offers 3D Virtual studio production services and one of them is Spring Forest Studio.

With our experience and expertise in 3D Virtual studio production and other live streaming services, we are not only confident that we can create live streaming events that will impress your targeted audience. We will also work with you along
the process and assist to you to create the most suitable virtual platforms that will suit your needs and event’s requirement.

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