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Nowadays, most people are familiar with the concept and benefits of live streaming video services that applies for their business purpose. From marketing events like trade shows, interactive live webinar to entertainment events like variety shows or news broadcasting. We can easily access and view these media via our mobile devices like laptops, tablets or mobile phones as and when we wanted.

Beside commercial purpose, live streaming video services can also be used for private events like church congregation where devoted followers can view the sermon performed by the priest online, wedding events where family members or friend can attend the online event and bless the newly wed couples, online birthdays parties and so on.

As of now, some educational institutions even conduct online classes on the private basis to the selective students who cannot attend the lessons physically due to the current pandemic situation.

The major difference between private and corporate or public live streaming video services is the fact that private live streaming is often restricted to a small group of individuals and will require a more secure broadcasting platform for privacy reasons.

While many can argue that with so many available video software and the capability of mobile devices, one can easily created a personal live streaming event without engaging professional services.

In reality, creating a private online event that is live streaming in real time actually takes up more time, money and resources such a professional grade video/audio equipment plus suitable software. Not to mention that the producer must also have a certain expertise in videography to produce a quality live streaming event.

From my experience with private live streaming events, I have certainly seen my fair share of private live events done by non-professionals which often end up in disaster that is either due to technical malfunctions or poor co-ordination of the participants during the event.

In short, it will be more costly in terms of time and money to produce a private live streaming event by yourself or your friends than to hire a professional video agency like Spring Forest Studio who has not only the experience and expertise but also has state of the art professional equipment like 4K cameras, advance audio equipment and Software like Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting, Video Mixer Server.

Spring Forest Studio also has in-house studio platforms that can easily do a professional setup and catered to your personal requirements and agendas for your private online event.

Call or contact us now to book an appointment and let us assist you to create a successful private live streaming event that is worth your investment.