Top 5 Reasons why you should engage Spring Forest for Live Streaming Services in Singapore.

spring forest studio live streaming service

In this article, I will simply explain the benefits of engaging Spring Forest Studio to be your vendor if you want to create online events which are live streaming in real-time whether for corporate or personal reasons. However, this does not mean that other video agencies in Singapore are inferior but just my personal experience as a client who has engaged their services before and is very satisfied with their services in managing my business events regardless of the scale and requirements.

Reason One

Since its establishment in 2017, the owner of Spring Forest Studio – Mr. Michael Koh already has years of experience in videography and other related skill sets that aid him greatly in understanding his client’s requirements and constantly work with them closely during the development process to ensure that there is no miscommunication or misunderstanding before the online event even start. He also co-ordinates well with his employees and welcomes their feedback with an open mind on improving the work process. Thus making him not only to be a professional in his field of work but also a strong leader in people management.

Reason Two

Spring Forest Studio has spared No expense in terms of upgrading their equipment both in hardware and software for their live streaming services, the owner also ensures that his staff are well-trained in their profession and will constantly require them to upgrade their skill sets as and when necessary. By doing so, Spring Forest Studio not only can maintain a strong status among their competitors but also strive well in the market especially in this COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Reason Three

As compared to other video agencies in Singapore, I realise that Spring Forest Studio has offered many Live Streaming services which do not only cater for large scales corporate events like Town hall meetings, webinars, or trade shows but they also have a flexible approach to clients who wish to engage their services for personal events like online birthday parties, wedding events, church events and so on.

Reason Four

Depending on the client’s requirements, Spring Forest Studio offers their client additional benefits to rent and use their in-house premises to create live streaming events as and when needed. I also need to mention that Spring Forest Studio is one of the few companies in Singapore that has the capability and indoor premises to assist their clients to create 3D Virtual Studio set production for their Live Webinar or other related online events.


 Reason Five

From my personal experience with Spring Forest Studio, I will sincerely say that the main reason why Spring Forest Studio is successful in the Live Streaming industry is the fact that they not only deliver the results using their latest technology and a strong team of experienced crew. This company are also very honest in their sales and marketing approach to their clients by been transparent in their costing budget.
But most importantly, they will offer professional guidance to their clients before, during and after the event and will Never overpromise or compromise on any of their client’s requirements as it will affect their reputation in the market.

So with these Top 5 reasons which I have shared from my experience, I will strongly recommend Spring Forest Studio to companies or individuals in Singapore who are seeking professional video agencies for any of their Live Streaming events.