Types of Event Live Streaming Services offered by Live Streaming Singapore Spring Forest Studio.

event live streaming

Nowadays many people have harnessed the benefits of technology to communicate online with their friends, families or relatives via social media platforms or communication app such as WhatsApp, WeChat or Facebook Messenger using their mobile devices.

For business owners and their employees, online communication has present new opportunities not only for their business branding and marketing. It also brings great convenience to their daily operations as they can easily communicate to their peers or internal clients without the need to meet face-to-face.

For online events that is usually live streaming in real time, companies will need more resources and expertise to create and manage as these events are mostly large to medium scale in terms of the manpower and technology required which also accounts to the number of participants involved in the event.

In Spring Forest Studio, we are not specialized in corporate style live streaming events but we also assist and catered our clients on their personal requirements such as birthday parties, church weddings and son on. But for this article, I will focus on the types of live streaming services in business or entertainment events that is offer by Spring Forest Studio.

Multi-camera Events Webcast Service

Webcast services are usually meant for large scale business events such as press conference, trade shows, global business meeting or entertaining variety shows.
Due to it’s requirement, the number of audio/video equipment, expertise and the manpower are more demanding since most of the events will be live stream in real time and broadcast to the targeted viewers based on global scale.

Thus, hiring experience and professional video agencies like Spring Forest Studio is vital to your event’s success.

Green Screen Studio Service

Although many people are awfully familiar with the Green screen technology, many do not know that it requires a lot of time plus manpower to manage the CGI (Computer Graphic Interface) effects and the actual presenter to create the video effects that we often see in the news, movies and variety shows.

Spring Forest Studio has an additional benefit to our client is that we have in-house studio services to rent out for private or corporate live streaming services as and when necessary.

AGM & Townhall Live Streaming Service

For companies that requires venues and studio house to manage their AGM (Annual General Meeting) and Townhall live streaming events. Spring Forest Studio has the latest state of the art video/audio equipment, experience event producers and directors to assist you during the event and ensure that this event will function smoothly without any possible technical issues.

Virtual Hall Live Streaming

Also known as Vhall in short, it is very popular form of live streaming services in china whereby most global companies will use Vhall to conduct their business online with their china counterparts. The concept and the setup is similar to live webinar and we can easily assist you to conduct virtual hall live streaming event with our experience and expertise.

Live Webinar Services

From company’s online training to online business conference, many companies prefer live webinar services as it is not only time and cost saving but also very efficient in the result.

Book a meeting with us and find out what Spring Forest Studio can do to achieve your objective and cater to your Live Webinar requirements.           

3D Virtual Studio Set Production Service

A 3D virtual studio set has more enhance features and functions as compared to a normal virtual studio as it comprises of 3D effect that enable to view the event in 3D. Which is getting more and more common in news broadcast, movie production and variety shows nowadays.

Although it is more costly to produce, some companies are willing to invest in this production to gain better market share and business branding in the long run.

With Spring Forest Studio, we have the capability and expertise to assist you in creating the desirable effects of the 3D virtual studio set and give you the best result for your events.

Engaged us now and we will work with you closely to create the most suitable virtual platform according to your business requirements.

Interactive Live Audience Webinar

It is also call Virtual Live Audience to some people working in the event’s industry.

In short, it is a new form of webinar platform that engages the host or the speaker with the online audiences to interact and participates all at the same time during the live streaming event. This type of Live Audience Webinar not only works well in large global events but also allows the producers to be more creative in the event’s programme and make it more interactive and engaging as compared to a normal live webinar.

To help our clients in achieving the desirable results, Spring Forest Studio has invested in the latest technology and manpower to create Interactive Live Audience Webinars which can easily caters to client’s needs and benefit them in long run.

Other than the live streaming production services which is mentioned above, we also have other related live streaming services and expertise to cater to your personal or business requirements.

Take a look in our Spring Forest Studio website or contact us now to book an appointment for your event’s need.