3D Virtual AGM Live Streaming, Do You need one too?

Virtual AGM Live

As of the current pandemic COVID-19 situation, many countries around the world are still restricting their citizens to travel to other countries unless with specific reasons like global healthcare support or diplomatic relations.

This means that business travelers will find it difficult to travel to other countries and meet their clients face to face for business or operational matters. Thus, more and more companies have started to adopt online technology to communicate with their peers or clients especially on AGM (Annual General Meetings).

Using live streaming technology, it is possible now to conduct medium to large-scale online meetings between the board members and discuss on companies’ issues and directions. Not to mention the fact that companies can even get creative and conduct the AGM meetings in 3D or virtual backgrounds to make it more lively and engaging.

To explain briefly, 3D virtual AGM meeting are usually conducted by using the webcasting platform in the green screen environment that allows the host or the presenter to use videos or visual presentations such as the PowerPoint to share their company’s document to other board members or invited clients that is in live stream mode.

This means that the invited participants can use their laptops or other mobile devices to log in to the secured platform using the given login username and password to view and share their feedbacks either using the audio microphone or text messages via the “Live chat” options. Not to mention the fact that the online participants can also share their documents on the platform for all to see as and when necessary.

This in turn, not only makes 3D virtual AGM meeting versatile but also more efficient and cost-saving in the long run for the hosting company.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019, the Singapore government itself has strongly encouraged companies to adopt live streaming platforms to conduct virtual meetings as it helps to reduce the potential of large crowd gathering and reduce the risk of the COVID-19 virus spreading within the close environment. The government also take action to encourage companies by providing various support funds who are willing to invest in live streaming technology for their daily business or operational matters.

When it comes to 3D virtual AGM meeting live streaming, Spring Forest Studio has not only years of experience in helping their clients in setting up platforms for AGM meetings.

We also work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and needs to create the platform as many of our clients have never conducted live streaming meetings online and need professional advice to gain a good understanding on the process, time frame, and budgets involved to create a professional and effective virtual AGM meeting that is adherence to their corporate requirements.

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