Why engage us for event live Streaming in Singapore?

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In the year 2017, Mr. Michael Koh has created a video studio company called Spring Forest Studio who has assisted many companies and individuals for corporate and private live streaming events both indoors and outdoors.

Using his knowledge, passion, and experience as a professional videographer. He has managed a strong team of experts in the various fields for his live streaming projects over the years.


Over the years, Spring Forest Studio not only served our clients in Singapore but also international clients who valued and appreciate Michael’s experience in all sorts of live streaming event production. You can refer to this link to check on our company’s portfolio for your reference.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are more companies in Singapore who has started to engage professional video production house for their online events but sometimes it is difficult for them to choose the most suitable video studio agencies that can understand their needs and requirements.


This is especially difficult as not all studio agencies have the necessary hardware, software and manpower to help their clients to produce all sorts of large-scale live streaming events like interactive live webinars, multicamera events webcast services, 3D virtual studio set, and so on.


This is where Spring Forest Studio comes in to assist you in creating a world-class standard of the live streaming platform that easily caters to your needs and helps your business to excel in your branding and marketing purpose.


In short, the benefits of engaging Spring Forest Studio are:

Our ability to produce high-quality live streaming videos using our 4K cameras.

Advance audio microphone to ensure that the audio is clear without any background distortions.

Advance equipment both hardware and software deployed to co-ordinate the event and ensure that there are no technical glitches.

A strong team of experienced crew to manage the production during the event.

Opportunity to attract more audience in a global scale using the event’s resources.

The flexibility to use and engage on the different variety of content and themes for the event.

We will work closely with you to ensure that there is clear communication and understanding on the event’s agenda during the production.

Our Analytics tracking software can help you to understand the audience response and other business factors during and after the live streaming event.

Our ability to provide mobile streaming for the event to easily connect the participants around the world during the actual event.

Our ability to ensure the live streaming event to be free from any technical or commercial distraction.

We can assist to provide Video monetization if necessary based on your requirement.

Our Customer support team is there to assist you with any queries during the streaming process.


Contact us now to get a better understanding on the best solution to save time, money, and resource while getting the optimal results for your events in live streaming.