Why our Live Streaming Services is different from those that claimed that they do Live Streaming.

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This may be a controversial topic to some, but I am humbly writing this article to express my personal experience as an event operational executive which I have dealt and work with many video agencies before I join Spring Forest Studio as part of their team.

The longer I work with Spring Forest Studio, the more I have realized the difference between Spring Forest Studio and other video agencies not only in terms of working experience, expertise, operational methods, working ethics, management skills.
Not to mention the amount of time and money to recruit staff with good expertise and experience and the hardware/software technology which Spring Forest has invested heavily to keep up the live streaming trend and demand of the growing market.

Of course, there are some video studio agencies that are professional and expert in particular areas in terms of live streaming events. But only a rare few in Singapore like Spring Forest Studio who can easily adapt to the customer’s requirements and has the resources and expertise to handle a great variety of live streaming events that range from a simple live webinar service to large scale interactive live webinar, green screen studio service to a 3D virtual studio set production and so on.

The reason so is that operating a fully functional video studio set not only required constant investment and upgrading of video/audio equipment, powerful servers, both hardware, and software.

The management also need to ensure all their staff are professionally trained in their field and given ample opportunity to gain exposure to any live streaming event regardless of indoor or outdoor events to hone their knowledge and skillset.

From my experience, most start-ups studio house will often collaborate and work together with their competitors who has the necessary manpower and resources to set up and complete a live streaming event. While this collaboration is fine with most of the small or medium online events, I can say from my working experience there are often chaos due to the lack of proper coordination between the different companies that manage the same event. Especially in crisis situations either due to technical errors that disrupt the event or the inability to handle any unforeseen situation which is quite common during the live streaming event.

Over the years working in Spring Forest Studio, I can see that the staff from various departments are very co-operative and often work hand-in-hand together with the ground crew to provide the necessary support to ensure the event is successful. We also constantly communicate well with our clients to understand their needs, requirements and most importantly been upfront with the cost for the live streaming event and ensure them there is no hidden cost unless requested by the client during the production.

This is also the reason why many of our existing clients are satisfied with our services and often recommend new clients to us to boost our business and reputation.

To find out more on what we can provide for your live streaming event, give us a call or email us to book an appointment with us.