Not Known Facts About Event Live Streaming

Not Known Facts About Event Live Streaming

This is an interesting article that I would like to share with you regards to facts that are unknown to most people when it comes to live streaming events which is a hot trend in the business world. Live streaming events are also getting popular especially with young people who are tech-savvy and creative in using communication technology to broadcast their online events via social media platforms either for marketing or private purpose.

Although the information in this article may not be a big secret to some people who are exposed to this event production industry. It is good to share some statistics on the current trend in Event Live Streaming and some uncommon facts that I find fascinating to share with you.

It’s been proven that with the improvement in mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets, which can view videos easily via the internet. More and more people spent at least two to three hours a day on their mobile phones to watch videos daily. Especially since the outspread of coronavirus, countries worldwide have restricted public gatherings, large social events, and international travel.

Thus, it has created a new trend in the digital lifestyle where most people will heavily depend on online media to get relevant information, doing online purchases, or attend online webinars for educational or business reasons.

Over the past decade, live streaming video events are proven to be so successful in terms of marketing promotion and business communications that many companies and people sought professional video studio houses and hire them to create live streaming events.

After all, statistics have proven that people tend to be more interested to spend their time watching videos than photos or text online. This is especially so since there are so much information and content on the internet and people are generally “spoilt for choice” while surfing the internet.

This explains why most marketing campaigns are promoted using live streaming videos using the social media platforms like Facebook to advertise their new products at discount prices. Private events like weddings or birthday parties are a common trend today and even religious events like Sunday church events are broadcast online which the faithful can use their mobile phones to watch the event do their prayers at the same time with the priest.

With the improvement in communication technology, even industries like sports, gambling, and gaming have used live streaming events to promote their brands. As there are studies to show people between the age of 16 till 45 tend to use the internet instead of traditional media like television or radio to view live sports event, prefer to gamble online instead of going to an actual casino (For those staying in countries where online gambling is legal) or play multiplayer video games that are a live stream and link two or more people to play the same game remotely.

In summary, the Future of Live streaming events will be bright and more demanding and this is shaping our lifestyle in most aspects of the daily routine for years to come.