The School graduation live streaming Diaries

The School graduation live streaming Diaries

This article has brought back memories of my school graduation days when I have to dress up in my graduation gown, went to the stage, and receive my graduation certificates from the invited VIPs on stage. But at that time, technology is much simpler back then and the graduation is only recorded with one or two cameramen and a few photographers to record the school graduation ceremony. For your information, I am already in my late forties now just so to clarify myself.

Nowadays, most educational institutes ranging from polytechnics to university in Singapore has better facilities and could easily afford to host their graduation ceremony via live streaming event either by their in-house production team or outsource to a professional video studio company like Spring Forest Studio to record their graduation event in real-time.

The main reason there are more educational institutes in Singapore around the world are live streaming their graduation ceremony is base on the fact that there is more diversity in the student’s nationality who come from other countries to pursue a better education. Especially in well-known universities like the University of Cambridge – London, MIT, and Harvard in the USA just to name a few and frankly speaking, it is quite expensive for the parents to afford their child to enroll in these prestigious universities and so it is common for the school faculty to give these added services to please them and at the same time serves as an efficient method to promote their school branding using the live streaming event as a form of marketing.

Also in terms of budgeting and event planning, it is more cost and time effective for the school faculty to host live streaming events for the school graduation ceremony than a simple indoor event as it is not easy to coördinate the accommodation of invited guest, parents, and graduate students in the town hall venue in the school. Especially today where the coronavirus is still a pandemic situation and governments around the world have to pose heavy restrictions in large events, social gatherings, and international travel that makes it more difficult and challenging to invite foreigners to attend the school graduation ceremony.

There are actually tangible benefits to hosting a live streaming event for school graduation ceremonies or other related events. This helps to boost that school’s image in embracing technologies and adapted to new trends in digital experience which can attract newer students intake in the future.

Thus, in summary, I can foresee that it is only a matter of time that all the educational institutes regardless of private or government will use live streaming platforms for their school event as part of their educational policy in the near future.