E-Games live streaming world challenge over 8K

E-Games live streaming world challenge over 8K.

Nowadays, playing video games on PS4/Xbox console or computer gives a totally different gaming experience to youngsters who can easily spend five to eight hours a day provided if their parents allow them. With the vast improvement of digital technology, the gaming industry has evolved dramatically over the past two decades and makes multi-millions of revenues that span over two generations of hardcore gamers. Also for your information, video games are called “E-Games” short for electronic games by most young gamers in this era.

With the introduction of live streaming and the improvement in pixel graphics that range from high-definition to 8K. It is no wonder that there are still so many gaming companies that continue to develop new games every year to engage the strong interest of the gamers and maintained the strong gaming industry.

There are many factors that give to the vibrant gaming industry that arouse the strong interest in the consumers to invest their time and money for entertainment. Just the gaming visual that comes with enhanced models, texture, and meshes is enough to captivate people and immerse them in the gaming world for hours.

Also, it is a fact that E-games have developed in a different manner as compared to video games of the 80s and 90s. Top Gaming companies will easily spend tens of thousands to hire real people for the gaming voiceover dialogue and perform a series of gaming actions for the avatar by placing motion sensors all over their bodies for CGI effects. Not to mention the amazing virtual graphics that are designed by graphic designers based on the real-life environment. Especially if the gamers are using Virtual Reality devices to immerse themselves in the virtual reality world.

Another reason the gaming industry is so successful is the fact that gamers have the option to either play the E-games by themselves in offline mode or connect with other gamers remotely via Live stream mode which they work together in a multiplayer team within the same game to carry out their gaming objective. In the past, this online multiplayer option is only available to PC gamers but as digital technology progress, Playstation and Xbox console have online options to allow gamers to connect with their counterparts remotely via the internet connection.

Other than using computer or gaming consoles, gamers have another option to download and play mini-games using their mobile phones or tablets with superior graphics and audio quality plus the option to play their games with other players online via live stream mode.

Live streaming platforms have become part of our daily lifestyle both in work and online entertainment. It is not surprising that there are gaming companies that host live streaming gaming events like the “Mobile Legends Southeast Asia cup” competition since 2017 that captivates a strong following and helps to boost the mobile gaming industry.

I will say that in years to comes, live streaming platforms will be a necessity in our daily lifestyle not only for online communication with our friends and relatives but also for work or business commuting and for personal entertainment like E-gaming.