Everything About Live streaming to the world

Everything About Live streaming to the world

Ever since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in late 2019, many companies around the world have realized the importance of using digital communication for their business and started to use live streaming platforms to promote marketing events or host corporate events. Even individuals have adopted the idea of using live streaming to host private online events like birthday parties, wedding functions, and religious gatherings just to name a few.

There are many reasons why live streaming has affected the world in such a way that it has become a lifestyle for most people. The main reason is the improvement in technology both in terms of hardware like smartphones, tablets, and laptops with the ability to allow users to communicate online with videos and audio functions based in real-time.

Most of the variety shows, news broadcasting, and sports matches are broadcast on live streaming platforms and the only difference is the type of live streaming production these companies have used to broadcast their show. Because of the abundance of live streaming platforms that is available in the market, many viewers are spoiled with choice since they can watch their favorite channels in any environment using their mobile devices as long as there is an internet connection in the area.

For business purposes, live streaming has created new business opportunities for companies to increase their branding awareness and promote their services and products online. This is because the live streaming events are more engaging and interactive since it is broadcast in real-time and according to recent studies, the level of audience participation in live streaming events is the highest compared to other content types in the market.

Especially on social media platforms like Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live, or YouTube. You can see that there will be many viewers posting their comments in hundreds or thousands in number in these live events. In this way, live streaming events have allowed the viewers to interact with the speaker or presenter and creates a deeper connection and engagement during the live events. Which in return also increases the amount of viewership for the company that hosts the event creating a win-win situation.

Marketers however also benefit a lot when they host live streaming events as they can easily collect relevant data for research and networking purposes after the online events to further promote their company’s brand and reach out to potential clients for a business engaging in the future.

The real benefit of using Live streaming services for online events is that it satisfied the human aspect of social interaction that allows the viewers and the host to develop a deeper social relationship with each other which no other media can easily do.

Using live streaming is more cost-effective and time-efficient as compared to hosting an actual event and still achieve great results and return of investments for the hosting companies. Especially in this current COVID-19 situation where the government imposed strict social gathering rules that forbids any form of physical events in the country.

Thus, many industry experts have foreseen that live streaming will be one of the fastest-growing industries and will continue to grow in demand in years to come.