Corporate Communication Live Streaming for Investor Relations, the Modern Virtual AGM approach

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In this digital era, people will depend on online tools to communicate with one another regardless of work or personal reasons. Especially in this COVID-19 situation, we can see that more companies are adopting digital technology to help them in hosting events or online business conferences virtually.

This is where Live streaming services come in to help companies in creating online corporate events like live webinarsAGM (Annual General Meeting), trade shows, online seminars, and other business events. Although there are many advantages in using Live streaming platforms for corporate events, there are still companies or business owners who will still prefer the traditional method of hosting physical events for their corporate events despite the current restriction policy implemented by the local government in social gathering and event hosting due to the current coronavirus pandemic outbreak.

For companies that are willing to invest more in live streaming services, they will engage professional video studio agencies to host their corporate events like Virtual Annual General Meetings that are usually set up and produce in a 3D virtual studio to host the event online.

The main benefit of hosting a virtual AGM is it easily allows the company’s shareholders and top management to conduct their annual meeting on an online platform without the need to travel to a specific venue. But they can still take part in the meeting ad share their opinion or vote online on certain topics on the company policy or investor relations issue.

By conducting virtual AGM online instead of a physical event, the hosting company will save time and money as they do not need to incur added costs such as the flight tickets, hotel accommodation to invite broad directors who are staying overseas, rental of townhall venues, and another miscellaneous cost that can cost the company tens of thousands in dollars to host a physical AGM event.

Since the shareholders can attend the AGM event online using their laptops or other mobile devices. They will have the benefits to take part in the event in the comfort of their home without the need to travel to the designated venue to attend the meeting physically.

With the functions available in the virtual live streaming platform, the shareholder and other invited participants can use it to input their comments, feedback, or present their documents online during the meeting to endorse their accountability to the board effectively.

For companies who have the intention to host Virtual Annual General Meetings, it is important to seek professional assistance from an experienced video studio house that specializes in live streaming corporate events and has the necessary technology and relevant experience to help their clients in setting up such events.

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