A Simple Key For Live streaming to China Unveiled

A Simple Key For Live streaming to China Unveiled

Live streaming has become the latest trend in china’s social media which is so popular that more than 80% of the sales online are transacting on these e-commerce platforms. Created by each vlogger who is selling their products online, they will use popular social media platforms in china such as KuaishouYYHuyaDouyuDouyin, and Bilibili that has a huge following in China’s online market like Facebook Live and YouTube Live in other western countries.

Although the Live streaming industry is still relatively new in china’s market, many local brands in China and foreign countries already saw the potential in live streaming platforms, that they are willing to engage popular Vloggers to endorse their products and promote the brand online to the mass market in China.

The live streamers themselves who has a huge follower in the social media will usually distinct themselves from their competitors in terms of their appearance, background, their experience in selling and most importantly, how they related themselves to the consumers to appeal to their interest and created a trusting bond with their followers.

It is important to note that each live streaming platform has its market in terms of demographic profile in China. While some platforms have a more diverse fan base and large followers, most live streaming platforms will have the niche that helps them to dominate certain markets.

Good examples are the “Kuaishou” platform that has a huge fan base of young people staying in suburban and rural parts of China. “Xiaohongshu” on the other side, is well-known among Chinese women and has a huge main base in China. Not to mention “Tabao Live” which is considered the big giant in the e-commerce industry, easily has thousands of Chinese companies on their platforms to sell their products online.

Other than using live streaming for business and online sales, many education institutions in China have started to live stream their lectures or lessons online and encourage students to take part in an online courses. This is largely due to the current coronavirus situation in which many schools and universities are limiting their students to the campus to prevent any possible virus outbreak. It also applies to the arts industry in China where many famous artists and performers have adopted and use live streaming platforms to showcase their art projects or musical performance to the online audience to allow art lovers to appreciate art in the virtual world. E-gamers on the other hand can participate in live stream events either in their mobile games via their smartphone or PC games which are deemed as one of the most popular pastimes for the young Chinese population in China.

In summary, live streaming technology has brought convenience and economic progress to China’s society and will continue to prosper as technology in Live streaming continue to progress in the future.