A Review Of School graduation live streaming

A Review Of School graduation live streaming

In recent years, the Minister of Education in Singapore has supported many education institutes to promote digital learning as part of their effort in improving the education system to keep up with the current market demands for the younger generations.

This is the reason that public schools today have access to and funding to use live video streaming to broadcast and promote their school activities like sporting events, theatre productions, and school graduation ceremonies. Some schools use live webinars as a platform to host online lectures due to the current coronavirus pandemic situation.

Nowadays in Singapore, it is a common scenario where graduates from junior college, polytechnic, ITE (Institute of Technical Education), and university conduct school graduation ceremonies using live streaming to broadcast their ceremony online. While there are many benefits to live stream the event. The main reason is to control the number of participants other than the graduating students in the effort to start the social gathering policy imposed by the Singapore government.

However, using live streaming services to broadcast the school graduation ceremony has its downside especially for graduates in the year 2020 and 2021 as they have worked very hard for years to earn their diplomas or degrees but are not able to attend the graduation ceremony physically to receive their certification or invited their friends and relatives to witness their accomplishment during the ceremony.

To look on the bright side, these graduates are still getting some form of recognition from the schools using virtual events as part of the school’s effort to make the graduation ceremony as personal as possible.

Hosting a virtual graduation ceremony usually comes in one or two forms in Singapore. While most institutions will use their indoor facilities to create hybrid live streaming events by hiring professional video studio companies to stage and broadcast the ceremony over the internet.

Some schools will choose to create an online platform similar to a live webinar where each graduate student will dress in their graduation gowns and show their certificates in the comfort of their home which will be live stream on a single platform and broadcast live to the target audience via the internet.

Using a live streaming service to broadcast a graduation ceremony has its merit as it gives the graduate students and their families a sense of participation and achievement to serve as an alternative to attending a live event. The real-time streaming process of a virtual ceremony is better and proves to be more engaging than simply recording the graduation ceremony to view later.

Not to mention the fact a live streaming graduation ceremony benefits foreign students who are staying overseas or local students who are studying abroad. Since international travel is severely restricted in most countries around the world, using live streams to broadcast the graduation ceremony allows people to attend the ceremony virtually and share their big moments in real-time with their families and friends.

In summary, educational institutions around the world will continue to adopt and use live streaming services not only for promoting their school events and for other purposes such as online learning to improve their educational standards in the academic industry.