Detailed Notes On hybrid event live streaming

Detailed Notes On hybrid event live streaming

With the vast improvement in live streaming technology and its ability to produce higher quality video and audio content. Many companies around the world have gained interest to host hybrid events and broadcast to their target audience virtually. This is because many consumers can easily access virtual events online using their smartphones, tablet, or laptops and take part in the events without the need to attend physically.

The other reasons are due to the current coronavirus outbreak which governments have prohibited live events for a mass gathering in their effort to control the community spread of COVID-19 in their country. 

 Due to the complexity of hosting a hybrid event, many event planners face a certain degree of challenge and stress to make sure their events are both engaging and interactive for both their virtual and live attendees alike. The main challenge that these event planners need to deal with in their event planning is to make sure that the hybrid event can support the attention span of their virtual participants and online audience against the possible distractions of the home or other environments when they tuned in to view the event.

 Event planners will need to prepare the necessary information for the host speakers to present during the hybrid event. Information such as presentation slides, video contents, and other related information must be ready and tested in the web streaming portal in advance to make sure there are no technical errors during the event. 

 The event producer will also need to schedule rehearsals for the host speakers or performers on the stage and make sure that the video crew can capture the best video angle during a rehearsal before the real event starts. He or she will also need to liaise and constantly check with the stage crew to prevent any possible technical fault on their video and audio equipment in both hardware and software. This is an important part of the process as I often meet technical glitches like the loss of audio in the speaker microphone, presentation slides not being able to show in the projector, or delays in the streaming content during my event planner days in hybrid events. 

 As for the role of an event manager who oversees the hybrid events, they will need to communicate well with the speakers and performers on the deadlines and make sure they are well ready for the event on an actual day. It is also essential to have a facilitator to make sure both the live audience and the virtual audience are well attended by the host speaker in the limited time frame of the event. This is to allow enough time for both the live and virtual audience to interact with the host speakers and give their opinion, questions, or comments without disrupting the event’s agenda and schedule.

 For your information, the pointers stated above are base on my working experience as an event planner for hybrid events in Singapore. To make a hybrid event successful, you will need an experienced team of event professionals and videography experts to make sure that the event will run smoothly without any technical issues during the live broadcasting.

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