COVID-19 live streaming Can Be Fun For Anyone

COVID-19 live streaming Can Be Fun For Anyone

Do not get me wrong when I write this article based on the title. My intention is just to share with those who enjoy participating in live streaming events and have the intention to create their live streaming shows or events either for e-commerce or entertaining purpose.

 Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 aka coronavirus outbreak in late 2019, many people around the world do not have the luxury to travel abroad for their vacations or even take part in social events due to the strict government policy in a social gathering. Thus, using their smartphones to watch live streaming video content has become a new pastime for most people while staying at home.

 But this new trend also brings opportunities for entrepreneurs and retail business owners to use live streaming platforms to promote their products online using the social media platforms like YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and even Instagram to appeal to the mass consumers. Especially in the sports, E-gaming, coaching, and entertainment industry who has benefited immensely from using live streaming platforms to promote its business branding in the virtual world.

 Many creative individuals are willing to express themselves using popular live-streaming platforms like Tik Tok to either show their ability in certain skills or talk about their personal experience in certain topics ranging from domestic’s issues to political views. These people are usually called bloggers or vloggers and for those who have a huge number of followers online, they are often well paid by companies to promote or endorse their brand during their live streaming blogs.

 Whether you are live streaming your video content for business or personal reasons, many people do agree that it is an incredibly fun and thrilling experience for them to host video blogs that help to boost their confidence and give them a sense of satisfaction in many ways. 

 Depending on your agenda in hosting live streaming video content, it is possible to invest less than a few hundred dollars to buy a lighting kit, a microphone and use your smartphone to live stream and start your vlogging show. However, this DIY method is usually meant for private business owners who want to promote products online or vloggers hosting their talk shows on social media platforms. You will see many such examples on YouTube or Facebook Live where there is much video content from experts sharing their ability in certain topics.

 But there are times you will need to invest more in your video equipment both hardware and software and a certain level of videography skillsets to host your private events in live streaming mode. If not, the best way is to hire professional video studio companies like Spring Forest Studio in Singapore who has the necessary video and audio equipment, relevant experience, ability, and an indoor 3D virtual studio to help you in creating private live streaming events like birthday parties, wedding functions, and even religious events to broadcast to a large group of friends and relatives both staying in Singapore and overseas. 

 The same applies to business owners who want to create more successful live streaming marketing events to promote their products or service to mass consumers in the competitive market.

 Call Spring Forest Studio now and we will be glad to help you in your live streaming events.