A Secret Weapon For Live streaming to China

A Secret Weapon For Live streaming to China

Unlike other countries in the world, many foreign companies with big brands are facing a unique set of challenges to do business in China. Especially in B2C (Business to Consumers) online marketing when they not only need to face local competitors but also the strict regulations from the CAC aka Cyberspace administration of China that prohibits many of the popular social media platforms and search engines like Facebook Live, Google, and YouTube to broadcast their services to the Chinese consumers.

However, under the famous Chinese “iron wall” local e-commerce and media companies like TencentAlibaba group, Weibo, or Baidu are striving in business as they can give and sell their live-streaming platforms to the local businesses in any industry and help them to promote their brands, products or services not just to the local market but also to Asia countries.

Ever since Live streaming platforms are introduced to the Chinese people, there is more than sixty percent of the Chinese population in China are consuming live streaming content using their laptops or mobile phones on the daily basis. Especially in the rural part of china or third-tier cities where entertainment options are extremely limited for young people to enjoy. Thus, internet service for gaming and watching live streaming video content have become their favorite pastime.

The real reason live video streaming is so popular among the young Chinese is the fact that, unlike recorded video or movie. Live streaming events are base on actual time and the audience is given opportunities to interact with the host speaker by voicing their opinions, polls, and feedback online which gives them a sense of satisfaction in return.

In this current COVID-19 pandemic situation, where social gatherings or physical live events are still controlled and restricted by most countries including China. Live streaming services are more demanding than before since and there are already many companies or individual entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this situation to promote their brands, products, or services online.

There is almost no limitation when it comes to live streaming business in China which you can use the live streaming platforms to buy your product online, watching your favorite variety shows using live-streaming apps, or take part in various chat groups that is Live stream and host by people to discuss a certain topic and the list goes on. Nowadays even Cybercafes in China need to invest and offer live streaming services and platforms to attract the younger generation of internet users to sustain their business.

In summary, for those foreign companies who wants to penetrate in the vast Chinese market for business or marketing purpose. They will need to have a good understanding of how online marketing and live streaming business works in China first before investing their time, resources, and money to venture into the Chinese market.