How do I reach my staff across offices in Townhalls with Live Streaming.

How do I reach my staff across offices in Townhalls with Live Streaming.

When it comes to Townhall meetings, most corporations will host their business conference or AGM (Annual General Meeting) in venues like hotels or convention halls where the place is big enough to cater to large groups of attendees for the conference.

Townhall meeting will need very detailed planning for the event as the agenda is to communicate and rallying the employees with a good understanding of the company’s goals and direction.

But in this COVID-19 pandemic climate, it is no longer feasible to host large physical events as governments have restrictions on social gatherings and live event hosting to prevent the outspread of coronavirus in the community. This is also the reason there are more companies in the world to use Live streaming services to transform their physical events into hybrid events. 

Unlike the usual Live streaming events that are hosted in a studio, office, or home environment. A hybrid event is a mixture of Live and Virtual event which the event organizer will host the event in a townhall or indoor area but the difference is that there will be no attendees invited to the event and only the host speakers and the production crew will be there if is Live stream and broadcast to the media online.

Unlike physical events, the host speaker can still do their presentation in the Townhall stage and the invited participants can view it online by login into the event’s URL link using their laptop or smartphone and engage conversations with the speaker without the need to be present in the same location physically.

Hybrid events also help the hosting company to save time and money since the company is not required to pay for the airfare and hotel accommodations for those employees who are station overseas.

However, hosting hybrid events for Townhall meetings is not that simple and straightforward as there are many challenges not just in terms of technical expertise but also the human connection that a hybrid event planner will face during the production. After all, hosting hybrid events for Townhall meetings is a relatively new concept in the corporate world, and many “white collars” and executives still prefer to attend the meetings personally as they find it easier to have private discussions face to face with their colleagues during or after the Townhall event.

However, it is still possible to host an interactive and engaging Townhall hybrid event if the hosting company has hired a reliable and professional video studio house that has the relevant experience and ability in hybrid events. These professionals will know how to set the production to Live stream the hybrid events and offer valuable advice to the host speakers on how to use the features and tools available during their online presentation to interact with their audience engagingly.

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