Live Streaming Services Provider Broadcasting to China.

Live Streaming Services Provider Broadcasting to China.

When it comes to online marketing strategies and live streaming services in China, many foreign companies find it hard to penetrate the Chinese market. Not because of the language barrier but more on the strict censorship imposed by the Chinese government that ban all popular western video platforms and internet service providers like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google in China.

However, there are many live streaming service providers created by local Chinese companies to replace the void to offer platforms and opportunities for business and entertainment to the Chinese population in China. Not only they are popular in China, but these live streaming service providers also managed to penetrate and expand their business to Chinese speaking community across the globe.

 In this article, I will share with you some of the top brands in China that specialize in live streaming platforms in the business and entertainment industry.

 The first one is called Vhall which a technology Chinese company specialize in online webcasting platforms. Vhall webcast services include virtual meetings, live video broadcasting services, and online training services like virtual workshops and seminars. Vhall webcast platforms have helped many foreign companies host business meetings to communicate with their Chinese business clients and are deemed to be the most popular live streaming service provider in the market.

The next one is known as Youku Tuduo which is famous in China and often called the “YouTube of China”. Youku Tudou has a collection of video content and has similar functions to Netflix. It is well-known as an entertainment live streaming platform in China and the company’s main source of revenue is the monthly subscription service like Netflix or Hulu in other countries.

iQiyi is another popular live streaming video provider that is a strong competitor to Youku Tuduo in the entertainment industry. iQiyi is owned by Baidu which is a big Chinese technology corporation in China and it competes fiercely with its competitors by collaborating with foreign entertainment American companies like Netflix and South Korean media companies to host exclusive video content from their countries to broadcast in China.

Just like Facebook Live in most countries, Alibaba group has created a live streaming video platform known as “Tabao Live” which is a popular e-commerce platform that viewers can view and take part in product demonstrations or bidding in live streaming mode. It has created many business opportunities for the vendors and has generated billions on sales transactions since its creation.

Kuaishou is another popular live streaming video provider in China that is own by a famous tech company called Tencent. Unlike its competitors, Kuaishou targets a different segment of users and will feature a different variety of products and services in their live streaming video content. Their user base is usually from small towns and lower-tier cities which offers companies that are using Kuaishou’s live streaming video platforms an opportunity to target and capitalize on the market base.