What is a Hybrid conference?

What is a Hybrid conference?

Green screen technology has a long history in making movies and over the past two decades, it has evolved to such as extent that you can not only use green screen services to create 3D virtual effects like those Hollywood movies like “Matrix” and “Lord of the Rings” for example. It is possible now to host live streaming events or videos for business, entertainment, or personal reasons.

It is also thanks to the invention of smartphones and tablets that enables people to use it to watch their favorite shows or take part in live streaming events in the comfort of their home. Depending on the types of video content required for live streaming, many professional video studio companies have their indoor green screen studios to help their clients set up and produce live streaming events.

There are many types of live streaming events that require a green screen studio for their production. Streaming events such as Live webinarsMulticamera Webcast events, and Interactive Live Audience webinars are just a few examples that many companies have used green screen studio production to create and host their business seminars or marketing events.

Even people will need a green screen studio to host their live streaming events like online talk shows, birthday party or wedding videos that use the green screen chromakey technology to replace the green screen background with videos or images of their choice.

This is especially the case in the entertainment industry where people can live stream and watch actors performing their act in an artificial or virtual background. Even in news channels where you will often see 3D effects during the news and weather reports, or variety shows with the host speakers doing their presentation in virtual environments.

There are so many ways that you can host a live streaming event or streaming video content that this article will not be able to cover all the services and the benefits of using the green screen technology. But one thing for sure is that green screen chromakey technology is still essential to create the special visual effect that composite two images or video streams by removing the green background during the post-production and replaced it with another pre-recorded video footage or graphical effect. This method will include multiple photos or video displays to create alternate backgrounds during live streaming productions.

If you need a professional video studio company that has the available green screen studio and experience stage crew and visual effect specialist to help you in creating live streaming events or video content.

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