Spring Forest Studio Review on IBM Cloud Live Streaming Platform.

Spring Forest Studio Review on IBM Cloud Live Streaming Platform.

In this article, I will share my thoughts on how IBM Cloud has benefit professional video studio companies like Spring Forest Studio in Singapore to host their live streaming events for their clients and why it is highly preferred as a brand by videography professionals.

To those who are not familiar with the term cloud platform, its purpose is to convert a physical IT infrastructure into a virtual base utility that acts as a gateway to allow users to connect to the infrastructure via an internet connection to upload or download data without the need to buy and install servers in your office and maintain them on the regular basis.

Especially for big brands like IBM cloud vista platforms which have vast resources to offer cloud services to companies around the world and they only pay monthly or yearly subscription fees to fully use the vast computing resources for virtual data storage, applications, and other development tools.

For Spring Forest Studio, using a trustworthy and reliable live streaming platform is crucial in their business and they rely on it to live stream and broadcast the video content to the target audience, and this means that it requires a lot of data uploading, strong network infrastructure to support their streaming online which is crucial in their line of business.

The main benefits of using IBM Cloud video streaming platform as compared to other brands of Cloud service provider (CSP in short) is that it has features that easily allow the person in charge of video streaming to manage the live streaming process and gather relevant information for data analysis on the video content to allow them to do the necessary editing and adjustment in the shortest time possible.

IBM Cloud Video streaming platform is also embedded with artificial intelligence (AI) programs that come with smart, cognitive functions to help the event producers to fine-tune their live streaming events and use the information for further improvement in their future live streaming projects.

The best part of using the IBM Cloud Video streaming platform for hosting live streaming events is that its security features are not only reliable but also strong against malware and computer viruses. This is important for the video studio companies as they often host private business or personal live streaming events for their clients which comes with security features like password logins or invited attendees only. This is to ensure that the sensitive video contents that are broadcast during the event will not get compromised or breached by hackers.  

While this article is base on my understanding of how the IBM Cloud Video streaming platform has assisted and benefit professional video studios in their live streaming production process.

But If you want to learn more about how IBM Cloud video can benefit your business for live streaming events, you can call Spring Forest Studio now and they will be glad to help you with your event needs.