Green Screen Live Streaming Options for Small to Medium size companies.

Green Screen Live Streaming Options for Small to Medium size companies.

While many business owners and companies are suffering in their loss of revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation that has disrupted the livelihood and lifestyle of many people around the world. Some companies are striving in business thanks to the live streaming services that help them in promoting their products or services in the virtual world of e-commerce.

Especially in social media platforms like YouTube Live and Facebook Live, you can notice that there are more live streaming events available in these platforms where the audience can participate in these events forbidding of price or input their feedbacks during the product promotion where the host speaker will introduce the benefits of using these products during the live streaming event.

The popularity of using green screen live streaming platforms is also because many people have spent more time in their homes and will watch various live streaming events either for entertainment reasons or for finding useful products to purchase. The other reason is that nowadays smartphones and tablets can support live streaming platforms and apps to allow people to access and watch live streaming events in the comfort of their home.

Companies also started to adopt live streaming services not just for marketing reasons but also for their daily work as it is easier to set up a business meeting, seminars, and conference using live streaming services like webcast and live webinar to communicate with their business partners or clients. Especially for small and medium companies who do not have the resources in terms of office infrastructure to conduct their daily business meetings. 

Take Singapore as a good example, our government has recently implemented the WFH (Work From Home) policy and social distance measures that make it difficult for working professionals to attend meetings in their office. Thus, the only option available now is to use live streaming platforms for their meetings on the daily basis.

Although Green screen technology is not a new technology for making movies with special CGI (Computer Graphic Imagery) or 3D effects. It is still relatively new in the live streaming industry and many business owners are willing to adopt and use green screen live streaming services to boost their business branding and revenue.

Most companies especially the small and medium ones are willing to spend extra money to rent a green screen studio and hired professional video studio agencies like Spring Forest Studio in Singapore to help them to create a live streaming event for commercial reasons. While others will prefer to host and live stream their business conference or seminars using the green studio set that comes with other CGI and virtual effects to make the streaming event more engaging and interactive with their audience.

If you need a professional video studio company that has the available green screen studio and experience stage crew and visual effect specialist to help you in creating live streaming events or video content.

You can contact Spring Forest Studio in Singapore to help you as they have years of working experience and expertise to help you by providing green screen chromakey services to create stunning and realistic live streaming virtual events. 

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