What is interactive live audience streaming and how to engage the consumers.

What is interactive live audience streaming and how to engage the consumers.

Frankly speaking, live streaming events are not a new trend in the business world or social media. It is only popular due to the recent COVID-19 situation that has changed the social and work lifestyle in the society that has shifted their focus and attention in watching live streaming events. During this pandemic, most people are not able to travel to other countries and they need to work or study from home. This, in turn, creates more time for them to tune in to watch their favorite live streaming events using their smartphones or laptop in the comfort of their home. 

The main advantage of using interactive live audience streaming platforms is that business owners, social media influencers, and broadcasters can create online events in high-quality video content that promotes high engagement and interaction with their target audience. 

Before the coronavirus outbreak, these companies and broadcast stations will host physical live events in a large venue where host speakers, performers, and live attendees are present in the physical event and broadcast later to the media. But due to the current COVID-19 restrictions which governments have ban physical events and group gatherings of people in a confined space. Hosting interactive live audience streaming events is the only solution to “keep the show going”.

Thankfully, these types of interactive live streaming events are delivering great results which help to host companies to engage their audience online and helps to promote the company brand in many ways.    

Many people by now might ask what is an Interactive Audience Live streaming?

A simple explanation is Interactive Audience Live streaming is a platform that allows the viewers watching the streaming event to interact and engage with the video content based in real-time. These viewers can use various online tools during the event to influence the event’s outcome by participating in the polls session, feedbacks, and Q&A session. They are also able to view the full background of the event stage which includes the panelist, performers, and other online attendees which is a unique feature in such events.

Common examples are music competitions, motivational events for businesses and individuals like the Tony Robbins seminars, and variety shows. Interactive Audience Live streaming is so popular that most of the well-known events can attract thousands and even millions of people worldwide.     

Another factor that attributes to the success of Interactive Audience Live streaming is the fact that modern technology of our smartphone, tablet or laptop has allowed us to view live streaming events without any network disruption or lagging in streaming and recent market research has shown that an average user can spend up to two hours a day to watch an interactive video as compared to a standard one.  

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