Interactive Live Audience Streaming for Townhalls meetings

Interactive Live Audience Streaming for Townhalls meetings.

When it comes to Townhall meetings, most white-collar adults will at least attend one or two meetings in their career. It is usually held in a large convention hall or a hotel function room where top management will discuss various topics that are related to the company’s performance and other relevant issues to their employees. 

 But due to the current Coronavirus crisis which started in late 2019, companies will need to use virtual platforms to broadcast their Townhall meetings and broadcast to their attendees online. Although there are many benefits in using live streaming platforms to broadcast the Townhall meeting. It is not an easy task for the event organizers as they need to tackle many technical and human-related issues during the process and find a suitable live streaming platform for their Virtual Townhall event. Especially when their goal is to interact and engage their employees and send them a confident, compelling message on the company’s vision.

 This is where Interactive Live Audience Streaming services come in. Unlike the webcast or live webinar streaming platforms, Interactive Live Audience Streaming will require the physical venue to host the event but without the actual attendees attending the event. It is very similar to the concept of a Hybrid event except that there are a small group of attendees attending present in the event venue during the hybrid event broadcasting. This means that during the event, you will only see the host speakers, panelists, performers, and the production crew in the actual location.

 One thing that makes Interactive Live Audience Streaming unique from other live streaming platforms is that the invited attendees can see one another visually in the event’s background which is usually displayed in a LED video panel or using the green screen to broadcast each attendee on an individual virtual screen. The advantage of doing so is to improve the level of engagement and easily allow the host speaker or the panelists to interact with their attendees during the presentation. 

 Other than that, the benefits are similar to any live streaming platform like more cost-efficient and the ability to connect online with their employees or business clients who are staying overseas. It also helps the host speakers or panelist to “break the ice” easily and getting the full attention from their audience, help the company to boost their employee morale, make it more enjoyable for the employees to join the Virtual Townhall event, better opportunities for the department managers to speak in the event and more employees can join in the virtual event to interact with the host speakers and the panelist during the broadcasting.

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