Live Streaming from Multiple Locations possible with Spring Forest Studio

Live Streaming from Multiple Locations possible with Spring Forest Studio

When it comes to live streaming services like live webinars or webcast events, most of this event is hosted in an indoor studio set where the host speaker will do their presentation and the production crew will assist to broadcast the live video content to the target audience.

Although governments around the world have place restrictions on social gatherings and restrict most physical events for business or entertainment reasons. It is still possible to host live streaming events in public venues like convention halls or hotel function rooms as long as the number of attendees is limited to a certain number according to the government’s COVID-19 policy.

This type of event is called a Hybrid event which is a mixture of live and virtual events in which the production crew will host the live streaming event in the venue and broadcast to the targeted audience based in real-time. Common examples are Townhall meetings, AGM (Annual General Meeting), live indoor concerts, and variety shows for entertainment.

In Singapore, many professional video studio companies have the ability to assist their clients to host hybrid events and one of the well-known companies is called Spring Forest Studio that is based in Singapore. The reason why I have mentioned this live streaming company is the fact that I have always engaged their services as an event planner and have work with them closely to host multiple live streaming events both indoors and outdoors.

Based on my experience as an event planner, it is never an easy task to host Hybrid events as compared to other live streaming services. For example, if you want to host a live webinar or webcast event, you will discuss the plans with the producer and bring the host speaker or panelist to the indoor studio set. Once the speakers or panelist has rehearsed their presentation, the production crew can start the broadcasting straightaway in the studio room.

But when it comes to Hybrid events, the video production crew needs to bring their stage equipment like the 4K/8K stage camera, stage microphones, portable video mixer server, and other equipment to the actual venue to prepare for live streaming. This process can take two to three days to prepare plus another few days for the host speakers or performers to practice on the stage. During this time, there will be a lot of discussion between the event planners and the producers to work on the technical aspects for the broadcasting, workflow process, sitting arrangement for those attendees who are invited to the event’s venue, and other relevant matters. Not to mention backup plans to remedy any possible disruption during the broadcasting and the hybrid event’s report after the event.

Thus, I can easily say that a hybrid event will take at least one to two weeks to host successfully whereas other live streaming platforms only take two to three days to broadcast to the target audience online.

If you want to know more on how Spring Forest Studio can assist you to host Hybrid events for private or commercial reasons. Give Spring Forest Studio a call and they will be glad to assist you.