Having a Livestream shows you are more engaged with your audience

Marketing is about being present and engaging with your audience, even if only virtually.

Having a Livestream demonstrates that you are willing to engage with your viewers which is very attractive to people who watch streaming shows. It also sets you apart from other businesses whose representatives are always in a meeting or busy signing things.

A live stream can take any number of forms such as a video conference, a chat room where members can ask questions, or a YouTube channel featuring videos related to your business and tips for improvement.

Anytime someone is watching you is an advantage because they can see how you work and communicate. More importantly, their view of you may have been created from something you’ve said or done before so everything you do will be under scrutiny when there’s a camera recording.


People want to follow someone who is doing great stuff and producing results. You need to demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about and you’re capable of producing results. This creates an air of confidence around you that others might copy but never quite nail anything.

You should strive to leave a good first impression including details like your name and logo, and finishing sentence pieces with statements such as “and finally…” or “one last thing I want to cover here is…” These little quirks make it clear that you’re aware of who you are, and what you are trying to accomplish.

Customers Like Seeing a Person Instead of Talking to A Machine


People love to watch live streaming because they feel as if you are staring at them, listening to what they have to say, and addressing their problems directly. When people do business this way, they feel more inclined to buy from you than if you send them a generic message urging them to contact your company.
People want to talk to someone with a voice that sounds friendly and genuine.
It is common in sales conversations to use techniques such as rapid firing to seem quickly responsive to the customer. This can backfire though since the listener will perceive that you are being rushed and not given enough time to properly answer your question or address your concern.
In contrast, when customers connect with another human being who understands their issue or problem, they feel more listened to and cared about. They also feel more confident that their issue or conversation has been taken care of and will be resolved.
Studies show that feeling heard and understood reduces emotional resistance to buying decisions. In fact, one study conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles tested this effect by having participants in an experiment either listen to a brief podcast or view a video presentation detailing how selling works. The findings showed that listeners made purchasing decisions faster and with greater certainty compared to those who did not hear new-age music.
Another study found that hearing others discuss their problems increased confidence and speed up purchase decision-making. These results indicate that listening to audio podcasts is a great way to gain information before making any purchases.

Being Live Enabled, you can start to get a feeling for what kind of audience you have


People want to feel like they are being listened to. The internet has brought technology that allows people to broadcast their messages in an almost real-time way.
When you stream videos from your business website or iPhone app, you build a connection with viewers. You become more than just a talking head who sells products or services.
You become part of a community.
There is no better way to experience something than through someone else’s eyes. Viewers enjoy watching others they know or thinking about things from a different perspective.
They appreciate seeing events through another person’s lens. This may be why so many people watch TV this way.
Having other people share experiences adds enjoyment to our lives. YouTube is full of millions of video clips that people have uploaded to show us things we might not see otherwise.
By having these online communities built around your businesses, you are joining a social scene and opening up new channels for getting information across to fans and customers.

It Makes You Appear More Real

Since people are spending more time in digital spaces, they want to connect with businesses in an authentic way.
You can increase your reputation by having live video broadcasts every day. People will feel more inclined to watch you if you are very honest and say what you really think could help them out.
It creates a sense of community
For example, my favorite podcast is Radio Rebel. They have weekly live videos where we can all cheerlead together about being released from the pressure to look perfect everywhere else. I love this show because there are many different people who speak on topics related to blogging and online presence.
Occasionally, someone does come along who disagrees with some aspect of radio broadcasting, but each episode covers something new so it’s easy enough to ignore those comments if desired.

It encourages you to be more creative
If you find that you don’t care much for doing public presentations, consider investing in a good microphone and learning how to do a live stream. You’d be surprised at how well this works to engage your audience.
It gives you a space to share things with others
Businesses use live streaming as a tool to educate their customers and give them reasons to trust them and visit their store or website. If you work in retail, you know that traffic moves through your door via internet or phone connection.
People want to buy products connected to the content.

You can Start to Build an Audience of Followers

One of the best things about live streaming is that you get to interact with your audience. When they are watching, you’re talking to them.
You can talk directly to viewers at any time. They can reply via video or text while it’s still going on.
It brings me back to when people would call up their neighbors and ask questions directly through the phone. It creates a conversation and a sense of interaction.
People like seeing pictures of what I do with my life. They want to know who I am, where I’m from, and what I do.
Being aware of your surroundings is important because you don’t want anything dangerous/distracting someone while they’re trying to focus on their work.
Interacting show interest and passion in what you are doing. People will watch your stream to see how interesting you are so give a tutorial every once in a while.

It can Also Help You Build a Brand

Social media is becoming more prominent every day, which means that your business needs to be present there. However, you should know that coming out will take effort and time.
In order to achieve success, you have to put in the work and stay involved.
However, streaming live shows helps you get some exposure, draw in viewers, and keep fans engaged. A show is always online, but viewers can choose at any given moment whether or not to listen to it.
By being able to broadcast when people are interested, you can increase engagement and visibility. Plus, you’ll let all those little voices inside your head speak through one channel.
That way, you can still connect with customers and respond to comments from them. If someone is having trouble getting something done, tell them that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to help them!

You can Start to Boost Your Social Media Presence


One way that live streaming has become very popular is via Facebook. Many people use it as a primary means to keep in touch with friends and family.
However, you can also use it to increase your visibility and traffic generation efforts outside of your website.
By having a channel on Facebook, you are able to share information with your fans more easily than if you were only posting news posts on your wall.
You can engage your viewers or subscribers by talking about them over time. They’ll feel like you are hanging out with them.
Moreover, by creating multiple pages based on what you sell, you can reach thousands of people without necessarily being involved in a conversation. By turning those conversations into sales.

It Can Bring More People to Your Website


With live streaming, you are exposing your business to more customers and increasing brand awareness. By having online viewers, you are localizing your company’s image through social media sharing.
You are also bringing in money through paid advertising when you use services such as google pay per click or Facebook ads.
By having an audience, you are also keeping yourself relevant by updating your listings with news items and new offerings.
Google and Facebook make it easy to promote your page and get traffic because they know you are a worthwhile customer who cares about what you watch and buy.
Keeping up your end of things takes work, so if you decide to take action and stream videos, remember to do it regularly and don’t worry about selling too much content all at once. The more streams you put out there, the better chance you have of growing your fan base over time.

It can lead to more sales


One of the benefits of live streaming is that it can lead to increased sales. If you offer goods or services that people need, like food, clothes, electronics, or vehicles, they will eventually make their way into your store.
The sooner someone can buy what you are selling, the greater the chance they will make a purchase. The internet has made it much easier to compare prices and find deals online.

If you sell products directly to consumers, you may be able to generate additional revenue by offering special offers or discounts. People love saving money, so this is an easy opportunity to catch customers’ eyes.

Conclusion paragraph: It seems that for now at least, people still prefer physical resources when it comes to getting the best deals. This could be due to our inherent biases or simply because we’re more comfortable with what we know.

However, as digital marketing evolves and becomes even more sophisticated, it’s likely that people will become increasingly reliant on technology for bargain hunting. In the meantime, if you want to make sure your business is reaching potential customers where they are, contact us here livestreaming.com.sg to help your business engage more people wherever they are.