4K Livestreaming for Business in 2022

The popularity of Livestreaming


More people than ever are turning to online media to help them stay informed, organize events, or learn new things. Video blogs have been around since the early 2000’s but it wasn’t until Republican candidate Rick Saccone had an online video chat session that sparked a viral trend known as “Saccodecate” that showed how popular livestreaming is becoming.

The saccodecast story broke out when politicians noticed its potential to reach millions with their messages without spending money on advertising. By having a dedicated team that only works to find streamers, hosts, spokespeople, and viewers to your content, you can expand who knows about your product through social media channels.

This helps build followers, trust, and reliability, which are necessary components to get your message across. You can also use current events to your advantage by jumping onto trending topics such as politics, sports, entertainment, technology, and more. These will already have thousands of followers, and if done correctly, they can boost your follower count quickly.

How to get started


The best way to start streaming videos is to build a library of one-minute videos that can be used for branding purposes or added onto existing advertising campaigns. By having a large number of video files available, you will have an unlimited amount of content to use at any time.

These Youtube live stream videos can cost money, but there are some free options as well. Having a few good quality streams can help promote your channel and give people something fun and interesting to watch.
For more information about creating these main videos, check out our how to article. It also includes information about other popular livestreaming platforms like Twitch TV and Facebook.

Live broadcasting on social media sites such as facebook has become very common. This is because sharing music, games, news stories, and other forms of entertainment helps them to increase relevance which then boosts engagement.

By having a large quantity of video clips uploaded to social media daily, you can keep yourself busy while spreading brand awareness and encouraging customers and fans to follow and subscribe to your channels. It also creates an interactive experience, as others comment on what they just watched, giving it a sense of realism.

Choosing a Livestreaming service


When people think of live video, they often imagine someone standing up at a desk or table talking directly to viewers. While this is common, there are many other ways to use live video streaming. There are hundreds of different services that offer live video streamings such as YouTube, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Many of these similar services have benefits you may not know about.

For example, Facebook Instant Articles can transform your business page into a news source. Anyone can publish an article and draw attention to your brand. Facebook has made it easy for anyone to create a professional-looking website with large pictures and videos. This makes it possible for small businesses to have presence on the web and be found by potential customers.

By publishing articles written by others, users can get noticed quickly by their own followers. People spend time reading content other people produce rather than submit boring press releases. Users on Facebook can also tell stories using Video Storytelling which combines vertical text and visual images to explain a story. These types of posts work well when telling a story like watching a movie does. However, Twitter Videos allow developers to show creative shots through digital filters. Create original videos with effects and transitions to promote your brand.

Hosting your own streaming content


While it’s very possible to create your own live video stream on most modern smartphones, there are a number of considerations that should be made when going forward with this option. When uploading video files to social media channels or lifestyle websites, people can only view your videos if they have downloaded them onto their phones.

Therefore, you need to make sure you’re consistent about uploading the same videos on all platforms so people can find them.
It also means ensuring you have enough storage space on your phone (and cloud service) to hold the files from several high-quality clips. Getting good quality footage must remain a top priority because without great footage, your audience will be disinterested.

They also want to know that what they pay for is worth it. The last thing anyone wants is to spend money on a monthly subscription fee only to find out the product or service makes no sense anymore.

Having your own place to host something similar to YouTube is a good idea since you keep full control over everything. But depending on your expectations, it may be easier to just start a blog or website and let the revenue come to you.

The future of live streaming


More and more companies are turning to online video platforms to deliver important messages, performances or announcements. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have all launched livestreaming functions that let people share media videos with their followers.

Facebook’s take on live broadcasting is called Quick Lives. At first, this was limited to celebrities and high-profile brands, but now anyone can use Quick Lives service. Users are able to add graphics, music and up to 300 spectators to join in if they want. It’s also possible to set up special lives for certain stars such as Bradley Cooper who used his quick life last week to reveal the new movie posters!
Twitter has been around long enough to understand the value of live content and broadcast once upon a time. They still offer BlockSync tool for businesses to create customisable livestreams from events and milestones. LinkedIn has made it easy for professionals to connect with their colleagues and promote their work. By having one central place where employees can go to find out about company updates, staff members help others stay informed and interested.

Theatrical releases and televised concerts were nothing before YouTube became popular. Now there’s an entire world inside your phone (and beyond) that gives you access to millions of minutes of content.

Streaming websites continue to make headlines because they enable viewers to watch shows over wireless networks without downloading the app. And consumers love them because they hate waiting hours to get scheduled television programs.

Will live streaming replace television?


The way people consume content is changing fast. Once traditional ways of viewing content- watching it when we want, at our place, with any equipment- are becoming less popular. Today, technology allows us to watch content from anywhere about so quickly that it’s hard to pull yourself away from your device once you start.

With live broadcasting, viewers can broadcast directly into their own homes using only their phones or other devices. No need to force yourself to be available at a specific time. You can watch online whenever and wherever you like as long as you have a smartphone and an Internet connection. So what happens if you don’t have either a phone signal or internet access? Well, you could always download the show later. But why wait when you can watch it now instead! Live streaming services like YouTube TV NOW allow you to subscribe and receive shows instantly. You can even add channels to your subscription, giving you more options to find something you might like to watch.
Once you log in each day, you’ll see a variety of options of live streams you may want to watch. Pick one or pick many – it’s up to you.

How to become a real-time streaming developer


With the development of society, people’s lifestyle is changing all the time. Films that were once popular are becoming oldies and never being watched again. New types of films are emerging each year, and through various platform sites and groups, it’s easy to get access to them. The same can be said about drama movies, concerts, and other live performances. They continue to gain popularity.

Concert goers now have many choices when it comes to buying tickets. There are online platforms like tuzi, which offer reduced price ticket packages, as well as opportunities to VIP seats. Private events also draw crowds, with fans finding ways to get into the venue and attend the event.

The rise of mobile technology has contributed to the growth of live streaming products. It makes sense; more and more people are getting their information from apps and websites when they want to watch or listen to something. Many venues these days are leveraging live streaming services to promote themselves. Fans who visit your page may find it helpful to see how you look inside the venue before attending an event.

Some will decide to come back later after seeing what it’s really like outside versus how it was described in videos and posts. This helps foster conversation and faith in the artist and the business.

Running a Livestreaming business


If you’re just starting out or you need some additional resources to handle video production and distribution,4K is a great option.
Many news organizations are migrating towards producing more videos in 4K. More cameras now provide ultra-high resolution recording in this format which results in better quality footage.

Ultra HD is becoming more popular as well – featuring enhanced resolution compared to 4K. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to high-end equipment to record in these formats. As more people start using their phones to film events, the demand for local providers continues to grow. Nearly all of our mobile sales team has told us that they prefer free live streaming over paid services.

That said, there are still many benefits to investing in mobile filming gear. The size of the sensor in a smartphone camera lens can definitely be competitive with full frame sensors used by professional channels. Providing premium content through a private channel allows customers to pay once for the subscription fee and enjoy unlimited media.

Investing in a system to capture and upload content via Wi-Fi is another cost-effective way to collaborate with other professionals.
Managing your own server takes patience when setting up, but it’s ultimately cheaper than paying Netflix or someone else for bandwidth. And if you want to make money in the movie and television industry, understanding how servers work is important.

Tips for your website

Mobile engagement is becoming more commonplace as people are getting access to the internet at all hours of the day. Therefore, you need a way to stay engaged with your customers that is mobile-friendly. Add a video or audio player to your site so visitors can listen to you instead of reading your content. Consider investing in an advertising platform such as YouTube or Facebook to promote your articles and products. People may be more likely to read interesting content if they know it contains advertisements.

Keep promoting your articles on social media so that when fans click on one of your links, they will see this article. Your readership will grow because people saw your name on something they were interested in.

4K livestreaming is quickly becoming the go-to standard for video broadcasting and it’s not hard to see why. With its crystal clear resolution, businesses can confidently use 4K livestreaming to engage with their remote employees or customers in ways that were once impossible. If you’re looking to get ahead of the curve, contact us here at livestreaming.com.sg and let us help you incorporate 4K into your business communications strategy.