In the year 2017, Mr. Michael Koh has created a video studio company called Spring Forest Studio who has assisted many companies and individuals for corporate and private live streaming events both indoors and outdoors. Using his knowledge, passion, and experience as a professional videographer. He has managed a strong team of experts in the […]

As of the current pandemic COVID-19 situation, many countries around the world are still restricting their citizens to travel to other countries unless with specific reasons like global healthcare support or diplomatic relations. This means that business travelers will find it difficult to travel to other countries and meet their clients face to face for […]

Nowadays many people have harnessed the benefits of technology to communicate online with their friends, families or relatives via social media platforms or communication app such as WhatsApp, WeChat or Facebook Messenger using their mobile devices. For business owners and their employees, online communication has present new opportunities not only for their business branding and […]

Nowadays, most people are familiar with the concept and benefits of live streaming video services that applies for their business purpose. From marketing events like trade shows, interactive live webinar to entertainment events like variety shows or news broadcasting. We can easily access and view these media via our mobile devices like laptops, tablets or […]

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