With the vast improvement in live streaming technology and its ability to produce higher quality video and audio content. Many companies around the world have gained interest to host hybrid events and broadcast to their target audience virtually. This is because many consumers can easily access virtual events online using their smartphones, tablet, or laptops […]

Ever since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in late 2019, many companies around the world have realized the importance of using digital communication for their business and started to use live streaming platforms to promote marketing events or host corporate events. Even individuals have adopted the idea of using live streaming to host private online events like birthday parties, wedding […]

Watching sports events is considered to be one of the most popular entertainment and pastime for most people around the world. Sports events like the English premier league for soccer to the NBL Basketball championship or Cricket in India have a huge following of sports fan who is willing to spend their time regardless of day or night to watch […]

Nowadays, playing video games on PS4/Xbox console or computer gives a totally different gaming experience to youngsters who can easily spend five to eight hours a day provided if their parents allow them. With the vast improvement of digital technology, the gaming industry has evolved dramatically over the past two decades and makes multi-millions of revenues […]

When it comes to Live Streaming services, most business owners have host live streaming events for their business agendas like AGM (Annual General Meeting) or Live webinars for marketing reasons. But for the benefit of the doubt, I will share my experience in live streaming events and what are the advantages to use live streaming services in Singapore. Live […]

This article has brought back memories of my school graduation days when I have to dress up in my graduation gown, went to the stage, and receive my graduation certificates from the invited VIPs on stage. But at that time, technology is much simpler back then and the graduation is only recorded with one or […]

This is an interesting article that I would like to share with you regards to facts that are unknown to most people when it comes to live streaming events which is a hot trend in the business world. Live streaming events are also getting popular especially with young people who are tech-savvy and creative in […]

This may be a controversial topic to some, but I am humbly writing this article to express my personal experience as an event operational executive which I have dealt and work with many video agencies before I join Spring Forest Studio as part of their team. The longer I work with Spring Forest Studio, the […]

In the year 2017, Mr. Michael Koh has created a video studio company called Spring Forest Studio who has assisted many companies and individuals for corporate and private live streaming events both indoors and outdoors. Using his knowledge, passion, and experience as a professional videographer. He has managed a strong team of experts in the […]

As of the current pandemic COVID-19 situation, many countries around the world are still restricting their citizens to travel to other countries unless with specific reasons like global healthcare support or diplomatic relations. This means that business travelers will find it difficult to travel to other countries and meet their clients face to face for […]

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