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Do you have a Live talk show coming up? Do you know that Live talkshow is done through Live Streaming of multi cams through a technology called milticam Live Streaming Technology.  Live Talk show can mean alot when it comes to broadcasting your opinions. An example of a live talk show commonly shown in Youtube is Ellen. I am sure […]

Nowadays it is very common for business owners to use webinar live video as a marketing tool to promote their corporate events. This is due to its many benefits that webinars service can offer to connect with people around the world based in real time. The main reason for using webinars for big events is the fact that it […]

For a start, I will like to introduce a bit of background story on IBM cloud video before I explain further how IBM engaged itself to provide the Live video streaming service. Ever since the acquisition of Ustream by IBM in 2016, it has allowed IBM to create cloud-based video services and offer the live […]

In this 21st century, there are more options for companies to explore to promote and grow their brands other than traditional marketing tactics and event live streaming is definitely one of them. To the marketers, video marketing is a popular concept which they can use its benefits to not only grow their brand using the […]

With the improvement of technology, watching video online has become part of our lifestyle for entertainment. While we spend an average of 50 to 100 hours every week to watch videos via social media or other websites. Live streaming service is getting popular as more and more companies have recognized the potential and are willing […]

When it comes to business marketing, the two main focus in the marketing strategy is either Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C). Webinars have played an important role as it helps to promote business communication between companies and introducing new products or services to the general consumers through live event webinars. While companies that […]

Using webinar for live events are frequently used by most organizations nowadays as it helps to save time and money at the same time reach a larger customer base than just doing the live event which the invited participants are limited due to the physical venue to cater for the audience and other related reasons. Besides live […]

Nowadays webinar is an important online tool which many organizations have used it for communication and marketing purpose. In this article, we will discuss how the webinar works in the business world and the process involved during the event. Although video chatting platforms like Skype and Facebook Live is common for individuals to communicate online, […]

Although most of the time, video production house or professional videographers are responsible to create videos by live streaming a Webinar event in real time. It is important to know that the process is not so straightforward and usually involves a lot of planning, rehearsal and professional crew to handle the video equipment like cameras, […]

A Town Hall Business Meeting is related to the company’s internal employee meeting which the broad of directors will discuss and relay their business strategies and agendas to their employees. During the meeting, employees or invited guests will have an opportunity to ask questions and engage with business executives directly. Town Hall Business Meetings is usually held […]

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