Live streaming has become the latest trend in china’s social media which is so popular that more than 80% of the sales online are transacting on these e-commerce platforms. Created by each vlogger who is selling their products online, they will use popular social media platforms in china such as Kuaishou, YY, Huya, Douyu, Douyin, and Bilibili that has a huge following in China’s online […]

This is an interesting article that I would like to share with you regards to facts that are unknown to most people when it comes to live streaming events which is a hot trend in the business world. Live streaming events are also getting popular especially with young people who are tech-savvy and creative in […]

This may be a controversial topic to some, but I am humbly writing this article to express my personal experience as an event operational executive which I have dealt and work with many video agencies before I join Spring Forest Studio as part of their team. The longer I work with Spring Forest Studio, the […]

In the year 2017, Mr. Michael Koh has created a video studio company called Spring Forest Studio who has assisted many companies and individuals for corporate and private live streaming events both indoors and outdoors. Using his knowledge, passion, and experience as a professional videographer. He has managed a strong team of experts in the […]

As of the current pandemic COVID-19 situation, many countries around the world are still restricting their citizens to travel to other countries unless with specific reasons like global healthcare support or diplomatic relations. This means that business travelers will find it difficult to travel to other countries and meet their clients face to face for […]

See Demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMs8VekcRFI   3D Virtual Studio Set Productions trending in 2021 and why you should take advantage of i With the improvement of technology in this digital era, we are quite accustomed to visual entertainment in 3D effects, CGI (Computer-generated imagery) effects, and Virtual reality. As we often view it in social media, video […]

As the global world prepares to get back to business as usual since the onset of COVID-19, there is a duty to remain cautious while venturing back into the world of much-needed meetings. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) for all businesses operating in Singapore is a requirement set forth by the Accounting and Corporate Reporting […]

Our interconnected and interdependent “global village”, in which humankind has flourished and prospered for over two decades, is now very, very sick… again. Many thanks to the numerous advancements in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), with special thanks to the World Wide Web (a.k.a., the INTERNET), and with increased wealth, and access to myriad economical modes of transportation, we […]

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