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Religious events use to be very private for worshippers of all religions where they can visit churches, temples, and mosques to worship, find salvation and have peace of mind. But due to the current Coronavirus pandemic situation, governments around the world have restricted the number of people visiting these holy places to do their religious duties especially for the […]

Unlike other countries in the world, many foreign companies with big brands are facing a unique set of challenges to do business in China. Especially in B2C (Business to Consumers) online marketing when they not only need to face local competitors but also the strict regulations from the CAC aka Cyberspace administration of China that prohibits many […]

Watching sports events is considered to be one of the most popular entertainment and pastime for most people around the world. Sports events like the English premier league for soccer to the NBL Basketball championship or Cricket in India have a huge following of sports fan who is willing to spend their time regardless of day or night to watch […]

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