Event Live Streaming Service

Today, a home computer, iPad, Android tablet, or smartphone can deliver high-quality HD video allowing content to be created. Our cloud streaming services were designed to accommodate anyone who’s unable to attend a special event due to poor health, distance, cost, or work. Event live streaming is a powerful tool to engage an audience, educate and entertain your fans. Our dedicated Internet broadcast specialists will take care of all the technical details for you so that you can concentrate on producing engaging content for your viewers.

Why Should You Stream a Live Event?

Organizations live stream events for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the goal is to raise brand awareness. At times, it is intended to provide a paid experience. With virtual tickets, live event broadcasting allows you to generate income and increase revenues.

Even if your audience isn’t able to attend in person, event live streaming allows you to stay in touch with them. The COVID-19 lockdowns illustrated the value of event live streaming technology particularly well.

How to Stream a Live Event

It’s quite simple to do an event live streaming, especially if you invest in the proper technology. Now that you’ve learned everything about live streaming events, it’s time to look at some of the things you can do to get started.

Make a Strategy

Because event live streaming necessitates a number of moving pieces, it is a good idea to establish your goals and intents from the outset. Make a clear drawing of your event vision and figure out what tools you’ll need to achieve your distinct objectives.

Selecting an Online Video Platform

A streaming solution is a platform on which your live feed is hosted. When deciding how to live stream an event, you must select a streaming solution capable of bringing your vision to reality.

Professional-grade live streaming firms frequently include white-labeled HTML5 video players that may be effortlessly integrated on your website, app, and social networks. You and your viewers have access to specialized servers and adequate bandwidth when you use a professional video streaming platform.

In other words, the greater the features, support, and cost of the service you use, the better your broadcasting experience will be, as well as the better your viewing experience for your viewers.

Set Up Broadcasting Gear

Once you’ve decided on a live streaming option that meets your needs, consider what type of recording equipment you’ll need.

Deciding on the correct video distribution hardware is difficult, but it’s an important element for streaming video. Weighing all of the possibilities may be daunting; however, before making a decision, we recommend conducting some research on several alternative options. This way, you can be certain that the equipment you buy is ideal for your streaming requirements. It’s also a good idea to have an external microphone for better audio quality during the live broadcast.

Your Stream Can Be Embed

Broadcasters have the option of using JS or iframe embed codes. Both of these function on desktop and mobile devices for playback on your website or app, as long as the content supports them. The default embed code is the JS embed code, which has the most functionalities. This includes being responsive if the elements inside are designed to have different sizes, as well as using the referrer limitation function.

The most widely compatible embed code is the iframe embed code. The catch is that some functionalities aren’t compatible. This embed code isn’t responsive, which means it’ll stay the same size no matter how big you make it. The full-screen option is also occasionally disabled.

Start a Test Run

It’s time to do a test run after you’ve completed everything necessary to live stream an event. Test runs are essential since once you’re up and running, you’ll have an audience, making it more difficult to troubleshoot and fix problems quickly.

Get Your Audience Ready

You should promote your stream in advance in order to guarantee that there is an audience for it. Develop teaser films and post them on social media. Create an email outreach campaign asking recipients to RSVP or buy a virtual ticket. You might also advertise on social media, write press releases to gain publicity, and advertise in any other way you can reach your target demographic.

You’re all set to begin your live stream

It’s time to click “Start Streaming” and change your live channel to “Online.” You’ve gone live with just a single click. It’s critical to maintain confidence while presenting and have fun with the audience.

If you have a chat or Q&A plugin, encourage viewers to participate so that everyone is engaged during the event.

The Live Streaming Service Singapore is available to assist you in broadcasting your event in comfort and style. We have all of the necessary equipment for live streaming events, so it’ll be a piece of cake!