China live streaming Platform

Whats the Deal with China Live Streaming Platform

Many Big companies like Google and Facebook and Youtube are being ban from streaming into China. But Live Streaming Services Singapore is one of the few in the world who is appointed partner and you can seem seamlessly and securely to broadcast to China and from China to anywhere in the world. This is a major milestone for Live Streaming Services Singapore.

Partnering with Vhall,

Live Streaming Singapore Company Partners with Vhall, Leading webcast platform in China.  This means that you can now host your business events and webinars to china and from china to anywhere in the world without a firewall or going trhough a VPN as there is no blockage at all,.

Now being possible to broacast into China from anywhere and broadcast from China to anywhere, this is an opportunity for business around the world easier to connect to each other.

Imagine the possibilities that you can do with this this and send your clients, meetings with China Companies at ease with no worries about blockage of streaming. Even Youtube and Facebook is block in China and we have a soliution for you. More information, pelase send in email enquiry to us for details.

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