Live Streaming to China with VHALL

Virtual Hall (Vhall) is a service that provides live streaming. Stream live into China from anywhere without needing to use a firewall or go through an extra step like VPNs! Virtual Hall provides low-cost, high-quality services with over 200 million professional users, Vhall is China’s and the world’s top enterprise webinar marketing platform. Vhall has a decade of experience in webcasting, big data, and AI technology to give clients with the best digital training and marketing solutions and services, allowing them to expand their businesses.

Vhall’s webcasting service has spanned over 100 countries with a global deployment of more than 5,400 CDN nodes. Vhall Eagle Eye intelligent technology constantly analyzes worldwide webcasting traffic and uses a proprietary routing technique to switch between many paths.

As a result, Vhall is a robust digital marketing platform that offers webinars, meetings, training, and other services. It not only gives you the means to arrange your own events, but it also allows business customers to hold online meetings with partners and clients all over China and the world.

You may build a one-of-a-kind webcasting experience using Vhall’s cutting-edge webcasting technology! Offering a private logo label and VIP follow-up service, as well as an on-demand live foundation and functions. Using your comprehensive webcasting knowledge, you can create your own one-of-a-kind online broadcasting experience!

Vhall’s Advantages

  • The video is in a digital format that utilizes high-definition video coding technology. This video was created to provide the optimum viewing experience on all devices.
  • This product’s technology allows you to broadcast your presentation to huge audiences while still maintaining a consistently high level of performance in live events. We utilize the Enhanced video transmission protocol (patent)
  • With real-time voice recognition and subtitle display, multilingual synchronized subtitles, real-time monitoring and intelligent auditing of video and text material, as well as intelligent message filtering, video content analysis, and summary, AI is built on intelligent application and analysis technology.
  • Other characteristics include more qualified speakers, the convenience of administering live events, global dissemination via the most advanced scalable means, and smart and engaging interaction between speakers and attendees.

Create your own unique webcasting and amazing experience based on Vhall’s excellent webcasting technological basis! The Live Streaming Service Singapore will walk you through the steps of hosting live streaming events on Vhall. Contact us to schedule an appointment for your event’s requirements. Our staff members are eager to assist you in accomplishing your company goals, whether it’s growing sales or improving client loyalty. You may have tried various marketing techniques in the past, but isn’t it time to branch out? Allow our specialists at Live Streaming Service Singapore to assist you in making this happen right now!