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Live stream shopping is super popular, especially in China where people are used to watching others do everything from cooking to chilling out. It’s all about entertainment and feeling connected through your phone. Singapore is catching on to this trend too, with lots of young people getting in on the action thanks to high internet usage. With everyone stuck at home, we’re all craving some fun and connection. Live stream shopping might just be the way forward in the post-Covid world. It’s like having a virtual community and entertainment hub while you shop. People aren’t just buying stuff they need, they’re looking for the excitement of the hunt and a chance to chat with sellers. Live streaming can give that same experience even when you can’t make it to a store. E-commerce has mostly been about easy-to-ship items like clothes and gadgets, but who knows what the future holds? Remember when no one believed you could buy shoes online without trying them on first? The sky’s the limit!

Expressed Interest in Live Streaming

People aged 18 to 24 are really into livestreaming and buying stuff from it. They are

likely to purchase products as a result of watching live streaming for shopping content. Millennials and Gen Z, who are aged 24 to 34 are the ones most into livestreaming and likely to watch and join in on it. They do not mind purchasing especially from flash Sales during a live stream. Some would rather watch for entertainment value and make their purchases elsewhere.

Folks aged 35 to 44 are less likely to get into livestreaming or buying stuff from it.

Key Factors Why Users Tune into Live Streaming

People like it when businesses keep it real and share their thoughts on products and services. Showing real-time demos is a plus too. Live streams help create a personal connection between buyers and sellers, making it feel like you’re chatting with a friend. It’s exciting to engage with influencers in real time, and it’s becoming more common for people to support their favorite personalities on social media. Instant gratification is key for today’s consumers – they want to buy things right away. Live streaming helps meet this need, with many smartphone users more likely to make immediate purchases. Reading reviews and comments during live streams can also help boost sales, as peer recommendations are so important these days. Millennials especially find live streaming videos useful for comparison shopping.

Products Preferred to be Sold on Live Streams

Food – When it comes to live streams, food is definitely the number one choice. Whether it’s watching night markets sell Bubble tea and other trendy foods online, or buying seafood and meat over the internet, people are all about that food life.

Makeup – People really like makeup, especially lipsticks because they’re cheaper and often come in packages with other stuff. People are looking to buy moisturizing lipsticks specifically.

Earphones – It’s no shocker that earphones are a must-have whether you’re out and about or chilling at home.

Popular Live Streaming Platforms

These platforms right here are mostly for socializing and lifestyle stuff. Shopavision is gonna be the first one in Singapore to focus solely on Live stream shopping.

Twitch – This app is like a big deal in the livestreaming world, especially for gamers. People from all over the globe can show off their gaming skills. It’s super popular, especially in Asia.

Youtube live – YouTube is pretty high up there for Live streaming, mainly because it’s got a bunch of cool features for all kinds of users. They were the first ones to bring Live streaming to the masses back in 2013, which definitely gave them a leg up on the competition.

Facebook Live – Facebook Live is currently one of the most popular platforms for live streaming. It’s the go-to choice for big organizations when they want to have discussions about important stuff like policies and national issues.

Bigo Live – BIGO Live is like this cool live streaming platform where you can show off your talents and meet people from all around the world. It’s run by a company based in Singapore.

Be Live – This live streaming app just came out and it’s got some solid backing from Singapore’s MediaCorp.