How long have you done live streaming in Singapore?

Live Streaming Services Singapore has been delivering Live Streaming/Webcasting solutions for the past 5 years. We deliver this in events like townhalls, seminars or webinars, concerts, panel speaking sessions, product launches, outdoor sports etc.

Have you done live streaming service in other countries?

We provide our services in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Australia and Japan.

Do you work alone?

Our team consists of producer, director, videographer, soundman, lights team etc.

What type of video production equipments do you use for live streaming video production?

We use a server-based video mixer with features of upstreaming to any Content Delivery Network. Ultra HD broadcast cameras for good visual and audio mixer for sound quality. For reliable and reduncdancy upstream, we invested in LiveU which provides cellular bonding with 4G modems, wifi and cabled network. This will allow us to even provide live streaming in a outdoor environment.

Do customers normally do standard live streaming or 4k live streaming?

While most of our jobs are at FullHD, our hardware is capable of delivering 4K live streaming as well. This, of course, will require a higher bandwidth and preferably a fibre optics broadband network.

Do i have a choice of the live streaming hosting platform or will your provide us the platform?

We can send the stream to public social media networks like facebook or youtube, for corporate requirements, we can also send to IBM Cloud Video platform for private contents. We have partnered with IBM to provide a one-stop shop solution.

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