November 29, 2023 by alyssa |

In the past, going to an event meant going to a certain place, booking a place to stay, and spending time and money on transport. However, as technology has improved, more and more people are going to virtual events. Virtual events let people from all over the world get together to talk about things they both like. Now that there are 3D live streaming events, the experience is even more real and interesting.

What are events that stream live in 3D?

3D live streaming events are online events that use 3D technology to make the experience more real for people who are watching. People who attend these events can connect with each other and the environment in a way that wasn’t possible at other virtual events. You can use 3D live streaming events for many things, like workshops, trade shows, product launches, and more.

Why live streaming events in 3D is a good idea

More participation

One of the best things about 3D live streaming events is that they get more people involved. People who are taking part can talk to each other and the surroundings in ways that weren’t possible at other virtual events. More participation can help people remember what they’ve learned and make the experience more fun for them.

Savings on costs

Cost savings are another good thing about 3D live streaming events. Going to traditional events can cost a lot, since you have to pay for travel, lodging, and other things. 3D live streaming events let people attend from anywhere in the world, so they don’t have to pay for travel or lodging.

Better accessibility

3D live streaming events also make them easier for more people to see. Because of technological advances, people who might not have been able to physically attend a traditional event can now do so online. This makes things easier to get to, which can make the event more varied and open to everyone.

Better gathering of data

Last but not least, 3D live streaming events make it easier to gather data. It can be hard and take a lot of time to collect data at regular events. With 3D live streaming events, data can be collected instantly, which can tell you a lot about how people behave and what they like.

Events that are being streamed in 3D

Meetings and conferences

One of the most common ways that 3D live streaming events are used is at conferences. People from all over the world can join these events and communicate with each other and the setting in a way that wasn’t possible with other types of virtual events. From the comfort of their own home or office, participants can watch keynote talks, break out sessions, and more.

Fairs and shows

A lot of people also use 3D live streaming events at trade shows. Leaders in different fields can get together virtually at these events to sell their goods and services. You can work with leaders in your field to make 3D models of the products they want to sell on some platforms, like ENGAGE. Virtual trade shows are like virtual conferences in that people can join and talk to each other from anywhere in the world without having to travel.

Release of a product

People in the tech world like to show off and launch new products. Some brands have held virtual launches at the same time as a real event in the past. Brands can make 3D live streaming events more immersive for attendees, giving them a chance to connect with the product in a way that wasn’t possible with older virtual events.

Virtual events will soon be able to stream live in 3D. They make things more interesting, save money, make things easier to get to, and record data better. As technology improves, there are more and more ways that 3D live streaming events can be used. 3D live streaming events, like trade shows, conferences, and product launches, are a fun and new way to meet with others and find out more.